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Jan 30, 2006 11:31 AM


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Don't have time this second for the full report, but I have to say that, having eaten at Terrene on Saturday night, I have to wonder if there's a better restaurant in StL at this point. It was that good. Service could use a boost; it was professional, but I think understaffed for the volume of biz. And, speaking of volume, they need some acoustical improvements to lessen the din -- lots of hard surfaces. But, the food was outstanding. In sum, it was one of the few upscale restaurants in StL that I can confidently say would have no problem doing well in the Bay Area [from which I relocated to here a few years back]. Details on the meal to follow in a subsequent post.

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  1. I wasnt that impressed with Terrene. The room was definately a downer for me, as noted...very loud, and not particularly comfortable. Food was good, not great. I appreciate your review however, and I'll give it a second chance.


    1. I enjoyed a recent meal there as well. Limited menu (and, as expressed in the menu, the place is a bit too into itself), tables too close. But even with the limited menu we found several enjoyable dishes and had a very good meal. I wouldn't say "best in St. Louis right now," but no real complaints about the food.

      1. Terrene is the best restaurant in greater St. Louis as far as I'm concerned. I have eaten there at least a dozen times and have never been disappointed. These guys start with the finest, freshest ingredients available and then chef Dave Owens works his magic. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. You simply won't do better in St. Louis.

        1. I agree that it is often a wonderful restaurant with fab food- mixed service and loud atmosphere. Personally the smoke from the bar is just too prevasive for me to go there regularly. The outside section is glorious!