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Jan 28, 2006 05:12 PM

Looking for Good Food and Private Dining Room in Minneapolis

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I'm looking for a decent restaurant with a private dining room that can hold up to thirty people. Within three miles (or so) of Nicollet and Franklin Avenues in Minneapolis is preferred. We're an eclectic bunch (with some vegetarians) who will try anything tasty in the $15-$25/person price range. Must be open on Sunday. Any suggestions?

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  1. It's not Minneapolis, but it's nearby. Muffulatta has good food and a really nice private dining room.

    1. chiang mai thai in up-town.......

      1. Call Maria's Cafe on Franklin and 12th Ave.'s...

        While they are more renowned for their breakfasts, I'd bet that Maria can do a fab Columbian inspired banquet dinner.

        1. Azia is 6 block away. It has a private dining area. I don't about $25 though.

          1. Temple (12th & Harmon, DT) has an AMAZING private dining space. You can talk to the Events dude and see what the chef can do for you in your price range. Events Dude: Tim 612.767.3770