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Jan 23, 2006 12:11 PM

MSP: Anyone tried Bad Waitress?

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I'm visiting MSP this weekend, and a friend suggested meeting here for brunch. Is it any good? Thanks!

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  1. i thought it was mediocre. they also have an idiosyncratic ordering process which makes me wonder if they actually have a waitress.

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      Culinary Kate

      I agree... my omlette was overcooked, which made it rubbery, and flavorless. Good coffee, but it's affiliated with spyhouse, so that's a given... The Bakery on Grand (in Minneapolis) has one of my favorite brunches of all time. On Sunday's, the Signature Cafe is Great too (on Warwick, off of Franklin), but make sure you have a reservation

      1. re: Culinary Kate

        Signature's Brunch is one of the top "hidden secrets" in the Twin Cities. I can't say enough wonderful things about it. But, it won't work for this case because Signature doesn't open until 10:30.

        The first time I went, we were there at 10:30, and they let us in - without a reservation. But, as Kate said - you must have a reservation.

        This is not because they fill up, this is so they know how much food to prepare. If you don't have a reservation, they may not let you in.

    2. i thought it was mediocre. they also have an idiosyncratic ordering process which makes me wonder if they actually have a waitress.

      1. Bad Waitress is a good greasy spoon breakfast place to have a few blocks away from your house, but it is not the place I would pick if I had one breakfast in Minneapolis. My wife and I checked it out last weekend. They did a nice job making the new space feel lived in with well picked retro furnishings. It draws a hipster crowd and has a nice overall vibe.

        The food is decent, but not great. We shared the pumpkin pancakes and an omlette with spinach mushrooms, and brie. The pancakes were good, light, spicy, and eggy tasting, but the Log Cabin syrup brought them down a little. The omlette was a little flat. The American fries did not have a ton of character (the hash browns I saw on oher people's plates looked better). From my experience and from what others have told me, I would pick go with pancakes and/or french toast over the eggs.

        My three favorite spots for breakfast in Minneapolis are Al's, Zumbro, and Lucia's -- in order of dive to fancier. If you want to have brunch in the same immediate area as Bad Waitress, I think French Meadow is a better bet. If I had one meal on the same block as Bad Waitress I would defintiely pick Jasmine Deli for very good Vietnamese food.

        1. You might also try Salut Bar Americaine, a new restaurant at 50th & France. Surprisingly good for brunch, and probably just a tad more expensive than Zumbros, but with much more room. You can usually get in without a reservation before 1 pm (although better to have one). Very cheery interior.

          Not sure how it compares to Lucia's; never been there for brunch; only lunch, which was good, but with a very limited menu. Only one soup was offered at lunch and it is one I detest so had nothing to go with my salad. Fabulous bread, though.

          Zumbro's is great, food and fabulous eggs benedict, but it can be very cramped for space depending on how big your party is, esp. in the winter when the outside is closed. And they don't take reservations, are very small, and fill fast.

          Salut's eggs benedict are as good as Zumbro's.

          1. The Mrs. and I were there last Friday night. I thought the mix between the "bar" crowd (those drinking) and the "booth" crowd (those eating) was interesting. Food was OK, but the place wins points with me for being able to get breakfast food at 8pm and then top it off with nice slice of flourless chocolate cake for desert!