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Jan 22, 2006 02:50 PM

Applause for Authentic Mexican in Akron -- La Taqueria Rancheros

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OK, so this restaurant cries out for a Chowhound posting. La Taqueria Rancheros, at 286 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave in Akron (about 150 yards east of North Main St) is a one-counter, three-table gem for anyone in Northeastern Ohio looking for authentic Mexican. David, the chef/owner, is from Michoacan, and takes great pleasure in his cooking, and in bringing real Mexican cuisine to those unfamiliar (or familiar).

His tamales are rich, served in a smokey auburn sauce, and with a grainier and darker-brown cornmeal than you would find in Oaxaca. His "Mexican plate," is like a stir-fry of onions, peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and fresh corn or flour tortillas with your choice of tasty, crunchy shrimp, fresh chunks of pork, or equally fresh beef or chicken. On Friday nights he offers a weekly special authentic dish--two weeks ago I had a something with pineapple that he just learned to make on a recent trip back to Michaocan. On Saturdays he has $1 tacos--properly-made soft tacos with onions, cilantro, and lime. And on Sunday mornings, he serves authentic Menudo--which I just found out about and supposedly draws hordes of people who know what they're looking for. He also has very good Tex-Mex fare, like burritos and American-style quesadillas.

David makes everything right in front of you. The restaurant is BYOB, but he's considering getting a beer license. He's also considering expanding into larger space that would enable him to make more authentic dishes all the time. A little more business might lead him to make the plunge. It would be a true gift to us Akronites.

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  1. This is great news for chowhounds in NE Ohio. I used to have to travel to Cleveland to get real Mexican(Mi Pueblo). My daughter loves Que-Tal in Coventry, and its nice for a quick lunch while doing the culture vulture thing in University circle.
    I know the area of this restaurant well and will try it this week while I am in Akron.

    Do you know if they offer mole'poblano on a regular basis? Thanks for the tip.

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      Elizabeth Nielson

      This place has the best mexican food I have had in years. It is so authentic and fresh. You will love the quesadillas -- nothing like American quesadillas at all. Simply brilliant.

      From what I understand, he does frequently make mole poblano on the weekends when he does his specials, but unfortunately I've never been there when this has been the case. I'm hoping it's true, because I'd love to try it!

      1. re: Elizabeth Nielson

        I just stumbled across this post. Can anyone tell me if La Taqueria Rancheros is still open and still at the listed address?


        1. re: luckygirl

          Yes, I just drove by on Monday. Have not eaten there yet myself, so please report back if you do!

          1. re: barefootgirl

            Ooo, thanks for pushing this to the top, as new on chow hound and hadn't seen this post before. Definitely will try it out!

            1. re: Cherveny

              yep - they are still there and he expanded. it is a bona fide eatery now with several tables and a liquor license. the food is killer - the fish tacos and carnitas are delicious! no very vegetarian friendly though - FYI.