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Jan 19, 2006 03:19 PM

Hungry for Buffalo Wings in the Twin Cities

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I've been re-reading Calvin Trillin on the origins of Buffalo chicken wings, and I need to eat some. But a road trip to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, just isn't practical. (Been there, done that - and they were great!) And I know I could make my own, but I'm lazy.

Where are the best authentic buffalo wings in the Twin Cities? They gotta be good, gotta be spicy, and gotta come with celery and blue cheese dressing.

Also, it's gotta be a non-smoking place, because I'm desperately allergic to cigarette smoke (which sadly halted my BW3 visits back before they were a mega-chain).



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  1. This was covered a few weeks ago; someone else was on a quest for the perfect, or at least the most interesting, wings. Scroll down far enough and you should be able to find it again.

    As for the smoking - you are safe in downtown Minne. All restaurants and bars are smoke free.

    As for the wings - I live in the warehouse district. I had made the following recs in the previous post.

    Basic hot wings - Runyon's (Washington Ave) (also try their buffalo-style Santa Fe shrimp)

    Interesting variations of hot wings - The District (1st Ave) (try their three-sauce wings)

    Good crunchy spicy Hong Kong wings - The Monte Carlo (3rd Ave N). (Actually, someone else recommended the Monte first, but I strongly second it).

    All three places are within a few blocks of each other, making a wing-themed pub crawl a good possiblity.

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      I read the earlier wing discussion with great interest, but it was mostly about non-buffalo wings, which isn't what I'm craving today.

      Thanks for the recs! It sounds like I need to check out Runyon's hot wings.

      And when I start craving Hong Kong wings (which I do on occasion), I'll check out the Monte Carlo.


      P.S. I've included the link to the other wing discussion, in case anyone else is looking for it. (But mostly because I love using the URL field in the reply form!)