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Jan 9, 2006 06:17 PM

Best St. Louis Sushi

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Opinions? I keep having so-so experiences...


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  1. I like Yoshi's in Chesterfield for the open kitchen; Sekisui on South Grand for the personality of the chef; and Little Tokyo on Lindbergh for the raw sushi.

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    1. re: Doug

      I've found sushi in this city to be very inconsistent. Lately, Miso has been very good. They have good sized portions and reasonable prices considering the location. Sansui on Manchester (the western location) used to be very good quality. But the last times I have been there the sushi was ordinary and there was absolutely no atmosphere to speak of.

      1. re: Mark Favazza

        I went to miso last night. It was ok. The toro was pretty rough though. Definately not A grade. Although the portion was quite generous.

      2. re: Doug

        Raw sushi?

        Also on Clarkson in Cheseterfield is Fuji Sushi. Everything I've had there has been well prepared and artfully presented. There's a good wine store next door, too. I ususally don't bother with sushi in stl since prices tend to be too high, at least compared to LA, my hometown.

      3. Brand new to this site. My background: Apprenticed to a Japanese chef and used to be in the business for years.

        Yoshi's is consistantly great. Already one of the area's favorite chefs, he then honed his skills at Iron Chef Morimoto's place in Philly. I have been to scores of sushi bars around the US, and I'd rate Yoshi's up there with the best -- with the only caveat being that we are not a coastal city. It is the favorite place of our monthly sushi club.

        Other top places are:

        Seki's, although one of the waitresess can be a bit rude. One time was better than most other restaurants but not top rate.

        Sekisui, the one on S. Grand -- When Kenji is there, which he usually is -- but otherwise can sometimes be inconsistant.

        Nobu's -- for lunch or at the sushi bar. The service at dinner can be horrendous.

        Ichiban -- Consistantly very good to excellent.

        I have only been to Crazy Fish twice (it's a ways away from me) but both times were great.

        Yoshi's gets an "A". The others, "A-".

        There are plenty of "B"s and "B+"s in the area, good for a sushi fix but not consistantly impressive. For example: Wasabi (the one on Washington) does a great job with the basics but not as great with the less common.

        My criteria? I like subtle rice seasoning, and texture is important, obviously. Fish, well, we all want great. I would much rather have the chef be out of something if what is available is not great. Besides tuna and salmon my personal bench mark items are hamachi, mackeral, tamago, uni, & otoro. (Yoshi makes the best mackeral I have ever had...) I have found recently that mediocre tuna is on the rise. I like rolls, but I use only the simpler ones to evaluate a place. (It drives me nuts to read so many reviews that only mention the "creative rolls".)

        1. As lame as the name of the place may be, I Love Mr. Sushi is a place for consistent and good sushi.

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          1. re: jpg

            I really like Cha Yoon in the CWE. Makes me forget I live in the Midwest and feel like I"m back in NYC (but that's more b/c of the atmospher).

            1. re: jpg

              FWIW, Yoshi was one of the owners and the head chef of I Love Mr. Sushi before a trip back to Japan and his stint at Morimoto's place. Also, I just went to a place I hadn't been in years and was favorably impresseed -- Sansui West on Manchester Rd. in Kirkwood. One more thing -- we have a very informal group that gets together once a month at different sushi bars. I'll post here when I know the next meeting.

              1. re: Richard 16

                Our sushi group this month is at the above mentioned Sansui West, Wednesday 5/23/07 at 7:00.

            2. For authentic sushi, check out Nobu's and Seki's. My top 2 without question

              Sansui, Ichiban, Sekisui and Yoshi's are pretty good too

              1. A strange thing about Yoshi's. Last time I was there and asked about toro I was told they were out. A bit later, the waiter came back and said they "found" some in the cooler. It just seemed a little weird

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                1. re: evilcatfish

                  They can be weird like that. Yoshi uses a different approach to slicing toro than most -- he doesn't slice across the grain, which leaves in the fascia (a type of connective tissue; the white bands) and can be tough & chewy. Instead, he takes the more time consuming approach of slicing along the broad planes, pulling off the fascia and leaving only tender portion. My guess -- and this is only a guess -- is that the waiter didn't see it in the case, but later asked Yoshi who told him it was there.

                  Another guess: tuna is one of those fishes that can be too fresh for best as raw -- it's better to let it age 2-3 days. The waiter may not have known the toro was back in for serving.

                  If it sounds like I'm "defending" Yoshi, it's only because I've consistantly enjoyed the dozens of meals I've had there. Your mileage may vary.

                  1. re: Richard 16

                    I really like Yoshi's but just thought that incident was a little strange. Anyway, it seems it can be a bit hard finding Toro in general around here. A lot of places have it on their list but always seem to be out-maybe they just don't like me. LOL

                    I mentioned above that I really like Seki's and Nobu but in my opinion, these places are better for smaller groups and if you sit at the bar. Just my two cents