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Dec 25, 2005 11:20 AM

How about best Thai in Minneapolis

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I would like opinions on the best Thai in Minnepolis. Not fancy, just delicious. It would be nice to be able to get a drink as well. Thanks.

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  1. There's a new thai place owned by the same people who have operated Sawatee for the past 20 years. It's on Lake St. just east of uptown I believe at the corner of girard. (Sorry the name escapes me) We tried it about a month ago and were very pleased. Curry was quite good but the whole Talapia was wonderful.

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      I think you are refering to Tum Rup Thai - in my opinion this is indeed one of the best thai places in the cities. True Thai has better food, but IMO Tum Rup has a nicer ambiance, good drinks, very consistent good food and better service (and it's closer to my home!). Rice Paper, in Linden Hills, is also a place to check out for surprisingly good Thai food.

    2. I would say the best Thai food in the Twin Cities is at True Thai in Minneapolis (near the St. Paul border). Our friends who spent a lot of time in Thailand think True Thai is the closest to the food they had in Thailand. Among the many great dishes at True Thai, I especially like the green curry and the Thai beef jerky appetizer

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        Agreed. Very good food and reasonably good service.

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          I used to agree about the True Thai being the best in the Twin Cities, and I still think it is the best in Minneapolis, but I have to go with Krua for the best Thai in the metro. The food is much more hearty and complex, the level of spicing is what it claims to be (medium is actually medium at least on my scale), and one other thing they have over True Thai is that they are much more friendly.

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            What do you order at Krua? The one time I went it was pretty mediocre. I know a lot of people rave about it, the menu was very interesting, and it has the right feel. However, the food was pretty disappointing. I want to go back and give it another shot.

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              I had the same experience the first time, I am so glad I went back. The string beans (I got them with pork) were awesome, the peanut curry was perfect. They have a dried pork appetizer that I loved, their egg rolls were great, I really like the "tempura" shrimp.
              I will concede that their noodles are not so great, at least their version of pad kee maow (basil spicy noodles). I would like to find a great noodle dish there.

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              My buddy who knows the people at Krua quiet
              well tells me that Krua is run by True Thai.

          2. I would vote for King and I Thai in Minneapolis. Their atmosphere is great and their green curry is excelent.


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              Here is a new reply to an old post. I highly recommend Sen Yai Sen Lek Minneapolis Thai. The menu is very unique-- dishes are fresh and flavorful. They have a very comfortable bar area and a good selection of beer and wine to accompany the Thai food. They have a daily curry special that is consistently fantastic. They are located in Northeast Minneapolis

              Sen Yai Sen Lek - Minneapolis Thai - DUPLICATE
              2422 Central Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN

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                My goodness Peter, that is indeed a very old post you've ressurected from 2005. Krua Thai, recommended by Alice who hasn't posted here in a long time, is now closed. Several new ones, including some great ones, have since opened.

                Thankfully, there have been more current discussions, including regarding Peter's favo, Sen Yai Sen Lek.


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                  Welcome to chowhound, Peter!

                  For more on great Thai food, check out these threads on St. Paul's Bangkok Deli: