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Dec 21, 2005 01:39 PM

Best Mexican Food in St Louis

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I just moved from So Cal to St Louis and am having a hard time finding good Mexican food. Can any of you hounds help?


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  1. I haven't been for awhile since I moved from the area but Pueblo Solis on Hampton used to have great Mexican food.

    1. Give La Tropicana a try. They're at Lindenwood at Hereford in the Southtown area. They are a deli, so you can order it by the plate or by the pound. Excellent Cuban food too.

      1. While Pueblo Solis is "upscale Mexican", I still think it's the best. Try the guacamole (so good it is sometimes sold out), bean soup, albondigas, filet Solis (with mole sauce), and margaritas made with fresh-squeezed lime juice instead of sour mix. Can't go wrong with that.

        1. Have you tried Pueblo Nuevo?

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            I'll second Pueblo Nuevo in Hazelwood off Lindburg just north of 270. We used to live within walking distance of there about 20 years ago when they first opened. It was wonderful then and is still a place we go back to whenever we're in St. Louis (we live 3 hours away now). Family run. Delicious food.
            You might also like Arcelia's in Lafayette Square. Lousy service, but the Chili Colorado is outstanding.

          2. Wow, three of my favorites.

            La Tropicana is a great grocery and I will pick up an occasional meal there.

            Pueblo Solis is excellent, even though I think the expansion has done a number on their overall quality, the gucamole is awesome.

            Pueble Nuevo is a great place. It is also close to work. I like the chicharrones there.

            Las Palmas close to the airport is excellent for the carne asada and the sopa de marisco. They also carry menudo there, if that is your thing.