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Dec 16, 2005 05:48 PM

Puck's Indianapolis

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Has anyone eaten at Puck's in the Indianapolis Musuem of Art? Any favorite dishes? Thanks.

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    T.Thomas (Indy)

    I ate there with a party of three in August or so, but I don't remember exactly what any of us had (which is mostly because I have a poor memory for that type of thing, but is partly because the fare was pretty much what you'd expect). I do recall the food as being very good (quality ingredients, quality preparation, standard presentation), the service as being somewhat weak, and the wine list as being average for Indianapolis, which is to say it sucks. I would expect that the service issues have been ironed out by now, that the food is still very good, and that the wine list still sucks. We'll go back, and I'd expect you to have a nice dining experience if you try at all.


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      Thanks-I'll be at the museum for the Arts & Crafts exhibit on my way from the airport to another destination, so eating lunch there works for me, and the poor wine list works with that as well! I'll try and report back in the next few weeks (if I can remember what I ate-I know that feeling.)

    2. We ate at Puck's for the first time in several years this past week. It was spotty at best. Unfortunately, based on reports from friends who have eaten there over the past year or so, our experience seems to have been typical. The menu has been pared down from the original concept, and now offers little, if anything, of particular interest. Several of the dishes we had were good, but others were sloppily prepared. The service was pleasant but slow. All is all, there are many better options for our dining dollar.



      1. Apparently the pasta should be avoided:

        I like the fries with aoili that is served at Puck's Happy Hour (Thursday and Friday's not really in Puck's though, but instead the cafeteria area adjacent to Puck's).

        1. It's funny that you've revived this thread-we ended up not eating there back in 2005 because of a delay in seating us and incredibly rude front desk people...and since then, I've had no need for a return try.

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            David W -

            The rude front desk people are still there... 2 years later!