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Feb 27, 2004 01:19 PM


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to Fino or not to Fino in Bellingham? Since I'll be dining more formally in the future after stopping in Bellingham, I'm not too keen on Fino, but am at a loss as to other good fare in Bellingham. Fancy minceur not required - just as happy with Mom and Pop home cookin' places as I am with oyster bars, herb farms, bistros, dives, diners, etc. - provided that the food is all that a chowhound could wish for. What's cookin' in Bellingham?

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  1. Cafe Toulouse for breakfast, La Fiamma for pizza, Tony's in Fairhaven for coffee, Archer Ale House in Fairhaven for a beer, Dirty Dans for a steak or lamb (not ribs), Pacific Cafe for fancier fare.

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      I second all of those. Excellent choices. You can't go wrong if you stick with them. I would love a la Fiamma pizza right now as a matter of fact, along with a bottle of good chianti.

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        Thanks mucho for the suggestions!

      2. i ate at la Fiamma and thought it was horrible. had good thai food next to day's inn on SAmish. great coffee and vibe at Temple BAr

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          What on earth did you order at La Fiamma that was horrible? I don't like everything on their menu, but most of their stuff is fabulous. We usually get a house salad and a Grecian Formula pizza, hard to go wrong if you like that sort of thing.

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            On Rice and La Fiamma are both pretty mediocre. On Rice especially. La Fiamma isn't bad, it's the second best pizza in town, behind Cichitti's, it's just pretty boring. The crust is nothting special, the toppings are eh, pretty good I guess. On Rice is quite bad, though.

            What's good: Cafe Zazou good french food. Pepper Sisters: pretty good Southwest food. I've heard the Vines is very good.

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            Thai On Rice - ate their today. It's not the best Thai food I've ever had, but it's solidly solid. I eat there nearly every time I'm in Bellingham.

          3. For a horrible for you burger but ohhh so good- you must try the local Bob's Burgers and Brew in downtown Bellingham. The mushroom burger is the best I have ever had- and my waitress recommended it- it is the only knid I have had thought- to good to try others. People crave this place when they move. It will fill you up. Other downtown favorites are the bagel shop (the Bagelry-NY style- delicious when fresh!) and the local ice creameryMallards) localed just down the street from Bob's. Regarding the Mallard creamery- my favorite flavor is White Russian- but I must admit that they have the best strawberry I have ever tasted. They have ample seating and even board games if you want to go retro. There is a itailian place in Fairhaven, can't remember the name- something bella-belle-etc., that has really great grilled panini's- good amibance and wonderful lunch. Also~ stop by the bakery/cafe/bookstore in Fairhaven- Colophone Cafe- for a great afternoon cookie treat- I recommend the giant molasses for eating when wandering the town and waterway. Downtown is worth wandering for hole in the wall coffee houses and cafes. Lastly, The Boundary Brewery (local) has many tasty options- some a step up regarding flavor combinations and meny items from basic brewhouse fare. Everyone I have encountered has found something to like there. Plus when you order the beer taster lit et's you sample them all. I recommend it- they have some unique beer palettes the oatmeal stout is a favorite.

            1. My sister lived there for 5 years... if I remember correctly, her favorite restaurant was La Fiamma, and her favorite snack place was La Fine's (sp?) for doughnuts. She still brings back doughnuts if she is ever up there visiting old friends.

              1. Agree on the bagelry in downtown Bellingham. Very good bagels, tasty and variety of cream cheese spreads, boards head meats. Totally disagree with Bob's burgers. A greasebomb that left me in the wc for the better part of the next 24 hrs.

                Sirena in Fairhaven is a tasty gelato bar. Flats in Fairhaven is a tapas place - we only went once about a year ago, but it is probably a front runner for innovative food in the area, even if they don't execute 100%.

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                  I really enjoy Flats - we've been there enough times that we've made it through pretty much the whole menu. It's not revolutionary, but it's tasty and fun, they have a nice Spanish wine selection, and the waitresses are great.

                  I've never liked Bob's Burgers - I was beginning to think I was the only one!