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Dec 8, 2005 07:03 PM

Christopher Elbow chocolates in Kansas City

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Does he have a store front or does he sell by mail order for the most part?

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  1. He has a retail space in the Crossroads at 118 Southwest Blvd, KCMO 64108 (816-842-1300). It is in the back of a interior decorating space, but you can buy single pieces and box sets. They usually are open on First Fridays in the evening and they may be open late on Thursdays as well, but mostly during weekdays. They may also be open on Saturday too.

    If you haven't been down to First Fridays or the crossroads, its definitely getting there. On Baltimore and 18th (between Baltimore and Wyandotte), there are interior shops, coffee shops and shoe stores, some of which have just opened this fall.

    quite fun.


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      They are open Saturdays. They are planning to move to a larger space in the same neighborhood

      Very nice chocolate.

    2. Christopher Elbow has a coffee that I tried and liked a lot. It's with The Roasterie and is called Christopher Elbow Coffee Blend. I saw it at The Cafe in the Brookside area. I can't remember how much much it was.

      1. Since this thread has come up, it's worth noting that the store space has moved to 18th and McGee. And it's also worth noting that in-store customers get samples (swoon!).

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          I love that place. His chocolates are amazing. I tried that coffee Zach and it's really good. I'm not a huge flavor coffee fan but it might be the best I've ever had. Send Elbow Chocolates to this address....just kidding.

        2. I went to his store for the first time on Thursday to buy a gift. While we were there I ordered one piece for myself. OMG!!! Good stuff. My friend, my husband and myself finished off the box, so I went back today to replace the gift I originally purchased for someone else. They are so addictive. Now I've tried nine different pieces and I haven't found one that I don't like. Everyone on my list is getting a small box of CE chocolates.

          1. Another two thumbs up for Christopher Elbow chocolates here. I met him many years ago when I owned the Brazilian Cargo Company, a Brazilian grocery store selling foods arts and crafts from Brazil that was located just west of the Plaza. He came into the store looking for passion fruit juice concentrate to use in a filling in one of his chocolates. We were happy to do business with this local Foodie legend. Seriously, we are so lucky to have him here in KC perfecting his art and allowing us to taste his progress. Ha!

            Another location that sells both individual pieces and the boxed Christopher Elbow chocolates is Foo's Frozen Custard located in the strip shopping center at 95th and Mission which I think is considered Leawood. This is Foo's second location and is really a nice little place to stop for a cup of coffee and some chocolates (this time of year), and the custard is great too. http://www.foosfabulousfrozencustard.... Say hello to Jeff Stottle, the darling partner/owner of this location when you visit, he is a very well connected restaurant person in KC.

            In 2007, I have given a nice box of Christopher Elbow chocolates as "my go to gift" for birthdays and anniversaries and it is always appreciated and spreads the local love around.