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Dec 5, 2005 08:50 AM

south bend, indiana pizza?

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looking for a great pizza joint in south bend/mishawaka indiana area. any suggestions????

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  1. I like the joint run by New York natives on Grape Rd. next to Outback Steakhouse. It might be called Polito's. I don't think I've ever had a whole pie there. I usually get one of the stuffed slices (more like heaps) in the case by the register. Be prepared to have to let the belt out a notch.

    Good luck.

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    1. re: Mugs

      politos was some of the best pizza i have ever had

      1. re: Mugs

        The Grape Road Politio's burned down last summer.

        They now have a new place on Hickory Road

        Here's the link:

        1. re: garryd451

          I was born and raised in SB and Baranaby's has always been my favorite for 40 years, I usaully get off the plane and go directly there once a year. Last fall I was able to try Politio's for the first time (on Hickorky) and found it be fabulous and possibly better than Barnaby's. Hard to beleive I just typed that!

      2. Try the original Barnaby's on Jefferson Blvd! I grew up eating there every Sunday night. I wish they shipped out of state!

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          If you ever fly to OHare in Chicago, call the DesPlaines Barnabys on Touhy. They frequently fill requests for their 10" pizzas in quantity, par bake them, freeze them and pack them for transport. I have done this many times, ordering 10-20 pizzas for my freezer in Ohio. I was told by one of the owners that they have a frequent flyer who is a Chicago transplant to Atlanta. He picks up at least 20 frozen pizzas every month. He made the mistake of sharing Barnaby's with his southern neighbors, and now they place orders with him for themselves. You have to experiment a bit with the baking to get it close to done right. We partially defrost the pizza (30 min out of the freezer) then cook it on a baking stone at 350 until it looks right.

          1. re: Pizzahound

            I'm an ex-Chicago native that moved to Atlanta in 1986. I called the Des Plaines Barnaby's but they said they don't ship frozen pizzas.

            1. re: Dawizard

              Right. You have to be there and pick them up yourself.

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                Several of the Chicago-based places specializing in deep-dish pizza ship them frozen and make it easy to order over the internet, from their own websites as well as websites set up for shipment. These include:

                Single-crust "pizza in the pan":
                Lou Malnati's - or
                Gino's East - or

                Double-crust "stuffed pizza":
                Giordano's -
                Edwardo's - or

          2. First, is the DesPlaines Barnaby's crust, the same "crispy cornmeal crust"
            served at the Northbrook Barnaby's ....memories of my teenage years.... ?

            Second, for those of us who have unfortunately moved far away from Chicagoland, has anyone been able to develop a similar crispy-cornmeal crust recipe duplicating Barnaby's for home cooks?

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            1. re: westport11

              yes indeedy it is. I have come close to duplicating the crust, but just close. The cornmeal at Barnaby's seems to be just the adder on the oven rack to allow the air to get between the crust and the shelf.

              I have had better luck fusing the taste and texture of Gino's and Lou Malnati's in a home cooked deep dish. I used the basic pizza dough recipe from the Joy of cooking, disolved the yeast in warm water before adding it to the flour, and used mostly warm beer (Miller High Life in this case) rather than the warm water called for in the book.

            2. There is a little known thin crust genius in South Bend called Luigi's Pizza. At Luigi's, you get an ultra-thin giant pizza "in a bag" - no cardboard box, no dine in. Just a solid cardboard base under it, with a luigi's sack over it - amazing how it never stuck to the pizza...

              You can find it on 12th and LincolnWay - been around a long time.

              As a kid my dad would always order one on the way home from grandma's house, and try to resist devouring it in the car. Home never saw a whole pizza. :-)