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Nov 30, 2005 06:49 AM

Great food in Auburn Hills Mi Tonight~

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Hi~ Husband surprised me with tickets to Depeche Mode!!Looking for a great meal in auburn hills. What are your suggestions!!!

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    Bruce Johnson

    Try the Palazzio (sp?) de Bocce just north of the Palace on the east side of M-24. Really good eggplant appetizer and everything else I've tried on the menu has been excellent.

    1. Lelli's Inn is a long-time Detroit area favorite. Original location downtown Detroit was in business over 100 years (just burned down in the past few years), but they had opened up their Auburn Hills location before that. Best minestrone (thick) and filet, plus most of their other dishes.

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        It wasn't actually downtown--it was farther north on Woodward Ave. A shame what happened to that area.