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Nov 12, 2005 09:30 AM

Krause Dining Room, Lawrence KS

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Any buzz on this place, I've heard some intriguing things

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  1. I was there last Wednesday and it was amazingly tasty and it had an interesting decor and great service. The best fine dining restaurant I've been to in the greater KC area (I live in Southern California so, in my warped view, Lawrence is a suburb of KC). The menu is basically a six-course meal (on Wednesday it consisted of an amuse, soup, choice of two appetizers, paella-risotto dish, choice of two entrees, and two desserts) with wine pairings (new world stuff, primarily from California and Australia) available for each course. You can also get a four-course meal or order any of the dishes from the six-course meal a la carte. It is not cheap, but compared to what a comparable meal with wine parings would cost in LA it is a bargain!

    I've had similar experiences at the prior R Krause restaurants I've been to, namely the recently closed (apparently due to zoning issues) spot in his house that this restaurant replaced, New City Cafe in Topeka (before he sold it), and his catering venture.

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      Awesome, can't wait to go

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        How expensive are we talking, if you don't mind me asking?

        Are you saying he used to own New City Cafe and then sold it to someone else?

        1. re: Katie Nell

          Ack . . . sorry, I don't recall the exact prices (and I was nicely treated to my recent meal there). I think the six-course with wine pairings for each course was under $100 per person.

          Yes, Robert Krause started New City Cafe in Topeka and later sold it to the sous chef there.

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            Interesting! New City Cafe was the best thing to ever happen to Topeka since Tallgrass Bakery and Cafe, in my opinion... if only it would last!

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              Six Course menu: $65 food, add for $45 wine pairings

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            location? We're going back between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This sounds cool.

            1. re: pepper ann

              Krause Dining
              811 New Hampshire, Lawrence, 66044

              Phone: 785-838-9830

              The old BleuJacket location (if that's helpful)

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              This place rocks. Ranks in the top 5 meals I have ever had (Paris, San Fran, Kaui, etc). Run there now, do not waste one min. Attention to detail is what sets this place apart.

            3. Yes, Robert does an awesome job! I believe in my opion The best restaurant to come near or in Kansas City in the past 5 years or so. He worked with Danko and some other big names from the Ritz. I heard the buzz that he was looking for a new spot in Kansas City in about a year. It would be awesome to have a restaurant with the calibur of this type in the city!

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              1. re: Tom

                Where are the Krause's operating now? I heard they were going to move back to their home? Any ideas?

                1. re: skyguy

                  They did move back into their house and added on a nice glass/steel addition for the restaurant, I ate there last night. It is on Delaware St. in east Lawrence, just around the corner from 9th St. and across from a parking lot. 785-838-9830 ph. Everything online still has their old address on New Hampshire St. I think they're only doing a prix fixe menu now, pricey but wonderful food. You can walk right into the kitchen.

              2. Any recent reports from Krause's?

                1. Amazing! We ate there for one of their community dinners (fewer courses to try the place out) and were pleasantly surprised. We would definitely go again for special occasions!