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Nov 10, 2005 07:02 AM

[MSP] Chowish Choices in TC Entertainment Book?/Boca Chica

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So, we bought one of those Entertainment Books from a schoolkid. They have lots of 2-for-1 dinner options in the book and we thought it might be a fun way to try some restaurants we hadn't tried yet--maybe we'll discover a gem-- and support the schools at the same time.

We ended up at Boca Chica Restaurant in St. Paul last night. The coupon was a "buy one meal get one free", up to an $8.00 value. Of course, there was nothing on the menu for $8.00 (avg entree was about $12) so, really, it just amounted to $8 off our check. You have to present the coupon at the time you order, which always worries me (why do they care before you order how you intend to pay? Does this mean they are treat you differently somehow?)

The restaurant was very busy, apparently, as Orange Julius had to drink his beer from the bottle (all the glasses were dirty) and we had to eat our soup with teaspoons (all the soup spoons were dirty.) The salsa was spicy hot, but not complex. The soup had some stringy noodles in it, but otherwise seemed to rely on salt as its primary flavor. I ordered a combination platter that came with a pork tamale, sope, chicken enchilada, and black beans, thinking I'd find at lease one thing good, but wasn't enthusiastic about any of them; the tamale and the chicken in the enchilada were dry and without flavor. The tamale looked so sad and shriveled when I removed the corn husk. Overall, I was disappointed.

So, we did accomplish our goal of trying some place new, but it didn't turn out to be a place we're going to add to our list of restaurants to frequent. Incidentally, the wall in the entry was covered with numerous of "Best Mexican Restaurant" awards from various local publications "Best of" issues, so, I don't know if it's just me, if we just went there on an off night, if the restaurant has slipped, or, if the awards were not deserved in the first place.

Do any of you have the Twin Cities Entertainment book? Have you discovered any chowish options in there?


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  1. we usually get the book every year. makes us try some new places. mostly we stick to the places in the front of the book where you need the card. some notables...(can't remember if they are all in this year)

    jp american bistro
    mojito (now closed i think)
    st. petersberg resturant and vodka bar
    town hall brewery
    bbq place on eat street
    carousel in st. paul (good for hockey game nights)

    a lot are the same from year to year..but a lot are worth going back to. couple of things to note..

    -always call first to see if they are still taking it.

    -some places you must order off a certain spot in the menu (at st. petes i believe it had to be what they called a 'dinner'). so it is a good idea to let them know a head of ordering that you are using it.

    i would love to hear of any others people have used.

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    1. re: msphawkeye
      The Dairy Queen

      Great list and good advice. Thank you!

      I realized after I made my post, that there were at least two chowish options in the book:

      St. Paul Bagelry
      Andy's Garage (I've not yet been there, but, MSPD--if I remember correctly--recommended it to me on my very first Twin Cities post)

      We weren't feeling in the mood for a burger or we would have gone to Andy's. Next time...


      1. re: The Dairy Queen
        The Dairy Queen

        Oh, and I think Manny's tortas is in there, too!


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          I wouldn't rush to Andy's Garage. The decor is really nice, the food isn't anything you can't get at Snuffy's. And the service is sloooooooow.

          1. re: Danny

            I'm the one who posted about Andy's and the regular chowhounds nixed it. Hey, they have a much larger breadth of experience with Twin Cities places so I'll go with it. I didn't get an Entertainment Book this year, but last year they had a coupon for Holy Land, and Snuffy's if you like that sort of thing. :)

            1. re: Sandra

              For the record, I like Andy's. I just wouldn't go out of my way to eat there. :-)

      2. Mavericks in Roseville is in there as well. Although I have been offered 2 for 1 from the owner of Mavericks a few times without a coupon. I think it was a first timer looking confusingly at the menu offer of you buy a roast beef and I'll give a brisket.

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        1. re: Gino

          If Mavericks is in there, that's probably the best deal in the book. (Unless you're a huge U of M fringe sports fan -- you can get freebies to things like Gopher Women's Thumb Wrestling and Men's Basketball vs. Nome Alaska School for One-Legged Sub-Four-Footers.)

          Regarding Andy's Garage...I don't think that was me. As I posted the other day, their burgers were a disappointment when I had them -- standard frozen restaurant-grade stuff.

          1. re: MSPD

            "Unless you're a huge U of M fringe sports fan -- you can get freebies to things like...Men's Basketball vs. Nome Alaska School for One-Legged Sub-Four-Footers"

            Hey a win is a win, how do you think the football team keeps receiving bowl bids?

            As for the book, I'm fond of all the coffee shop coupons. It's a great way to get a free cookie or muffin with my coffee. A few others that have been inlcuded in the past and have been discussed recently are Mr. Q's in Eden Prairie and Jerabek's Bakery in St. Paul. There are also monthly coupons in the back of the book for Rainbow Foods and Super America gas.

          2. re: Gino

            At Maverick's, tell them its your first time, and you'll get a regular roast beef and a regular brisket for the price of a large roast beef. (I've also seen them just give you half of a brisket for free.)

            But, in places like Maverick's, I tend to not use coupons even if I have them. It's a small place with the owner behind the counter, and not using coupons is my way of supporting the local business.

          3. I'm pretty sure Athens Cafe in Robbinsdale is in there. I don't live far from there, and eat there about once a week. Some of the best simple Greek Food in the Twin Cities.

            And cheap before you start using coupons. For $7 or $8, you'll get a greek salad and a huge entree with either rice or hummus. If you can finish everything, you've got an amazing stomach. I've been at a table for 4 where the bill was under $30, and every person had to get a container to take leftovers home.

            If you're looking for atmosphere, look elsewhere. Order at the counter, and they'll bring the food to your table. Everything is served on styrofoam plates or bowls, and the cutlery is plastic. After your second bite, you won't care. If ever a place defined, "A bargain at twice the price" - it would be Athens.

            1. I've never been wild about Boca Chica for dinner either. Haven't seen anything on the menu that interests me or that wouldn't be better at El Burrito Mercado.

              The secret to eating at Boca Chica is to go for Sunday brunch. Its an all-you-can-eat buffet deal and there are always 2 or 3 _really_ good options. You'll see chilaquiles and pork in red or green sauces. The enchiladas do tend to be of the gloppy, mega-cheese variety (very guilty pleasure) or a fairly dry, bland chicken. There will also be some gringo-esque options like breakfast sausages, mini-waffles and scrambled eggs (with chorizo!).

              They've also offered custom omlettes prepared while you wait - I think that has still been an option in recent visits. Generally there is a soup - sometimes your "stringy noodle" variety and sometimes menudo. Can't say I'm a huge menudo fan but here's your chance to try it risk-free. My wife would go for the brunch even if she didn't like any of the food because they have flan on the "dessert" table. You do not want to see my wife in an flan feeding frenzy! ;)

              Some Sunday, if you decide you're in the mood for Mexican food, you may want to revisit Boca Chica. Steer towards the more authentic dishes and you should be happier.


              1. what are these books and where does one get them?

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                1. re: Alice
                  The Dairy Queen

                  The Entertainment Books are coupon books that school kids and charitable organizations sell as fundraisers. I think they always come out in the fall. I've always bought mine from a neighbor kid or a co-worker's child, but, I think you can get them online, too.

                  For the most part, the coupons are for local attractions, restaurants, and grocery stores. Also, to a lesser extent, for some local services like drycleaning and auto repair. They also have tons of coupons for chain restaurants, rental cars, hotels, movie theaters.