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Nov 2, 2005 08:18 PM

Buy bento boxes in St. Louis?

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Anybody know where I could buy bento boxes (not as in 'bento box lunch' on a restaurant menu), but just the little plastic bento boxes in the St. Louis area? I should know this, but I'm coming up blank...

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  1. Don't know for sure, but I would check Jay International Foods on South Grand.

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      Sounds like a specialty import item. Try Global Foods on Kirkwood Blvd. Or the littel Korean store in the mall on Fee Fee and Olive, buried behind the tacky pink bar.

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        One more thought....World Market, just south of highway 44 nesr I170. I'm almost sure I've seen bento boxes there.

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          I don't know whether or not World Market has bento boxes. But you won't find it south of I44. It's south of I40, across from Target, just east of I170/Brentwood.

      2. Did you ever find what you are looking for? I've never found any bento boxes or accessories in StL -- all my purchases have been on-line. Some one recently suggested Korea Town on Olive, but haven't had a chance to get over there yet.


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          Wow...I looked at this and thought, "Is this me? Really?" It was so long ago! No....I never found them. I tried several of the suggestions from 'hounds, but I ran into a lot of "We used to have them" or "I think we have them sometimes but we don't have any now" from stores. The kid who had become obsessed with taking his lunch in a bento box eventually forgot about them. I'd stil like to find some, though, I think they're nifty.

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            This blog has a bento box locator and it lists many of the stores mentioned in this thread. It's also a great blog on everything about packing bento boxes.