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Oct 25, 2005 08:06 PM

Deliciousness at 112 Eatery - Minneapolis

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Wow, did I ever have a great meal at 112 Eatery the other night! It was my first visit there - I had been waiting for a special occasion (like a birthday), but I'm glad I didn't wait.

Mr. Tastebud and I arrived at 6:15 on Wednesday night with no reservations, and were seated after a 15-minute wait. We shared an order of fries, a sublime fois gras salad (recommended by the waitress, and was she ever right!), the tasty pressed grilled chicken, and an order of sauteed escarole, which was the best thing I've tasted all month.

Then we shared huge cup of chocolate pot de creme, which was too sweet for my taste (Mr. Tastebud called it "frosting-y.") But that didn't keep us from eating it all up. And then we were too full to eat the spiced caramel corn that arrived with the bill, alas.

Our bill, including three glasses of wine, was $70. I thought it was excellent value for the money. Besides, we ordered way too much food - we could have skipped the fries and dessert (and my third glass of wine) and kept the bill under $50.

The place did get kinda noisy as it filled up; next time, I'll make reservations and ask for a booth in the back to see if it's quieter.

For my next visit - Has anyone tasted the fried egg-harissa sandwich? Is it as good as it sounds?


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  1. The fried egg and harissa sandwich is even better than it sounds. I don't really like fried eggs, but I would say that may be the best sandwich I have had in the Twin Cities.

    Another great thing we shared on our last visit was a sirloin wrapped in nori and served in a sesame-tinged Asian sauce with wasabi. That was the best thing I have had in my three trips to 112.

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      agree on the egg-harissa sandwich - divine. I also heard that they now have some phenomenal cauliflower dish, i'm skeptical so can't wait to go try it (can cauliflower ever be great?)

      1. re: MariQ

        The answer to your question is an emphatic yes - cauliflower can be great! I HIGHLY recommend the roasted caulifower at Cafe Lurcat. They roast the cauliflower in butter (and, presumably, additional salt) until the cauliflower partially caramelizes. The cauliflower (and, when they're on the menu, the brussels sprouts) may be my favorite items to get there.