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Oct 25, 2005 01:48 PM

Twin Cities Ice Cream/Custard Stands

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Any thoughts as to which parlor/custard stand is the best in town? My personal nominees are:

-Grand Ole Creamery
-Sebastian Joe's

(FD, I released a guide on the topic)


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  1. You've pretty much covered it as far as I'm concerned. My overall favorite is Izzy's. However, if I'm after something more "refined" or a sorbet, Crema is where I would head. Sebastian Joe's gets my third place vote...moves up on the list if I'm wanting something more off-the-wall.

    My "FD"...I'm not all that enamored with custard. I'm a hard-packed ice cream guy.

    1. I love Izzy's best, BUT it may be because I am lactose intolerant. They have great sorbet and sometimes have soy ice cream. And I can handle an Izzy scoop of real ice cream.

      1. My ranking:
        1. Pumphouse Cremery
        2. Crema
        3. Izzy's

        I like Adele's for frozen custard -- especially their custard pies.

        1. What a great topic!

          My personal favorite is Izzy's - I love the rich taste, the variety of flavors, the izzy scoop, and the neighborhood feel of the place. My top flavors at Izzy's are Mexican chocolate fiesta, Dark chocolate zinfandel, the zingy Grapefruit sorbet, and the Strawberry (although normally, this is a "meh" flavor for me - thanks for the word, Alice!).

          Alas, I haven't been impressed by the local custard - none is as good as the custard I've had in Milwaukee. But I'm always willing to give it another try.


          1. We are blesesed with options. Great things about each:

            -Adele's: Drive through and bar-b-q sandwiches.
            -Crema: Setting, Sonny, and blood orange sorbet.
            -Grand Ole Creamery: Waffle cone arsenal!
            -Izzy's: the Izzabella.
            -Liberty: ambiance.
            -Pumphouse: Barb, root beer selection, and Oatmeal Cookie flavor.
            -Sebastian Joe's: WiFi and within walking distance for me.