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Oct 6, 2005 10:35 AM

Cleveland dim sum and sushi

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I will be in Cleveland this weekend and was wondering if there are any suggestions for a good place to go for dim sum. I have read many things about Bo Loong and Li Wah. Which of these two are recommended? I'm looking for something reasonably authentic and fresh. Also, what are your recommendations on places to go for sushi?

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  1. I am partial to Sushi on the Square (at Shaker Square).

    1. The only place that I would recommend for sushi without reserve is Pacific East on Coventry.

      I flip flop between Li Wah and Bo Loong for dim sum. I think the chefs move around.

      1. I am hearing good things about the new branch of Sushi Rock that just opened in Beachwood. Also, Parallax is highly recommended for sushi. I haven't actually sampled either place yet, though.

        Alas, C&Y, which had the best dim sum in town, recently closed. Li Wah and Bo Loong are both good, and are perfect examples of what my Chinese Cooking Teacher calls "Mom's Meatloaf" - they both have good dim sum, but everyone's mom makes meatloaf differently, and the items will be different even if they are the same type of dim sum - as the other poster said, it varies. There is also New Wong's for noodles and off the menu dim sum (they also have a great fish tank, but don't always give the best quality or service to non-Asians).

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          Sushi Rock is fine if you are not looking for a truer
          sushi experience; the ambiance is teriffic and it gives "great bar". However,as I witnessed, the fish for the sushi is pre-prepped, pre-sliced, pre-mixed. I recently sampled one of their over-stuffed rolls which proved to be a colossal mess since fish was filled with connective fibers - difficult to eat and chew. There is a slew of cooked fusion items on the menu which I have not tried.

        2. Going to be in Cleveland May 10-15. Looking for an update on the dim sum scene around town. Sunday morning or other. Also any other can't miss places I should try on my first visit to Cleveland.

          1. Of the two, Li Wah is better. I am now partial to Emperor's Palace, which opened in the fall, in Cleveland's old Chinatown (Rockwell between 21st and 24th street). Not the best dim sum I ever had, but I think it is the best choice of the 3. My current favorite Chinese restaurant in Asiatown is Szechuan Gourmet, which features Szechuan cuisine. Try the Gong Po Lotus Root. 1735 E 36th St, Cleveland, Ohio 44114, Phone:(216) 881-9688.

            For sushi, the only place worthy is Ginko,, Dante Bocuzzi's sushi restaurant in Tremont. Authentic, fresh, delicious and a bit pricey, but worth it.

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              Thanks for the recommendations.

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                I should have checked back with this sooner. Wound up at Bo Loong Sunday afternoon. The following was part of another Cleveland post.

                Went to Bo Loong for dim sum Sunday afternoon. The food was better than average with superb radish cakes. Staff & service was horrible though. Rude, unhelpful and actually anxious for us to leave so they could finish setting up for some large private Mother's Day gathering they were having. We were more of an annoyance than a client they might like to revisit their establishment. Not sure if I'd go there again or not.