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flatbread in Mpls

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  • edinapimp Sep 21, 2005 10:13 AM
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Anyone know of a good location to purchase flatbread in Minneapolis? I buy pita and some fake nan type stuff at the grocery store, and it's ok, but I'd be interested to know where to buy the good stuff.


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  1. Holy Land on Central Ave in NE Mpls has a great selection. Crescent Moon farther down on Central has a good selection but I like their cafe better, and I like the people better (not that I don't like the folks at Holy Land, just love them at Crescent Moon).

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      I bought Crescent Moon pita at Marina's Deli on NE University Ave. It was just ok. I believe that our co-op (Seward) sells Holy Land pita, and it is good.

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        The Dairy Queen

        I hope this isn't too off-topic, but, Alice, when I was in Western and Central Turkey a couple of years ago, the restaurants almost always brought this wonderful, flat bread to our table with our meals. I don't know what it was called, but, it wasn't round, flat, and uniform with a pocket the way "pita bread" is in the U.S. I'm not even sure they are the some thing. This bread was lumpier and thicker. And wonderful. Is the flat bread at Crescent Moon you're referring to the kind of bread I might be describing from my time in Turkey? Or is it more like pita bread? Are they even supposed to be the same thing?


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          What you are refering to sounds like Lavash (similar to a tortilla in many ways) but I have never been to middle east, so I am not sure.

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            The Dairy Queen

            Hmmmm...that's a pretty good guess, but isn't lavash what is used to make those spiral sandwiches? (In fact, I always thought those spiral sandwiches were called lavash). Hmmmm, I think it's more like a focaccia than a tortilla, although focaccia has a firmer crust than I recall this bread having and is thicker than I remember this bread being. The bread had thickness of a blueberry pancake, perhaps, maybe a little thicker. Maybe I shouldn't be calling it a flatbread.


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        Broders' deli at 50th and Penn makes great flatbread every day. $3.25 for approx 10x15 sheet. It is tasty!

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          thanks for the tip. is it really a pita/flatbread type thing, or is it more of a focaccia (like they serve as table bread in the restaurant).

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            It is thin and crispy...and addicting!

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              It is a thin and crispy cracker. A little salt on top. Wonderful. And addicting, as stated by someone else.

          2. Abu Nader at Como and Raymond in St. Paul makes their own pita. It is pretty good.