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Jul 29, 2005 11:01 AM

Fish Frys in/around Wausau, WI

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I am going to be in Wausau the weekend of Sept. 23-25 and need recommendations for a great Friday night fish fry. I prefer a place that serves walleye.


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  1. My family's hangout is the Hiawatha, at 713 Grant Street (a few blocks east of downtown). I live in the Twin Cities now, but whenever I go home to Wausau I make sure I get there in time for dinner Friday night!

    1. Wausau was in my territory before I retired, and there really isn't much there. A decent steak house on the Northeast side, and a good Italian place way East of town. Try the Hot Fish Shop in Steven's Point, about 40 miles South.

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        It must have been a while since you were in this area, the Hot Fish Shop has been closed for close to 10 years. Sorry I can't help with Wausau, but in Stevens Point I would recommend The Restaurant, Silver Coach, or for more casual I'd recommend the Hilltop.

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        This certainly isn't the answer you'd prefer, but in Milwaukee most Catholic churches have a monthly fish fry and I've never had a bad meal at a Legion or VFW Post fish fry. 40 years ago my parents were "chowhounders" and they taught me that fairly valuable lesson about "Posts" and I've met a lot of nice people that taught me things about towns I'd have taken years to find out about. A few years back, my car broke down on the highway and I was towed to Wausau and found no shortage of friendly folks that went out of their way to put a nice spin on a bad occurance.