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Jul 22, 2005 10:04 AM

[KC] Kansas City Barbecue Binge

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I'm a Texas Chowhound headed to KC tonight for a couple of days of barbecue. My current itinerary is listed below. Here's the help I need from the experienced locals:

a) If there's someplace I haven't listed but should really try, let me know. Similarly, if I've listed a place that's not worth the bother, let me know.

b) If there are specialties or strengths at any of these places (e.g., burnt ends at LC's, cheesy corn at Fiorella's Jack Stack, etc.), let me know. (Also, if there are meats to be avoided, that would be useful, since I can't eat everything.)

Any tips along those lines would be appreciated. Here's the line-up:

(1) LC's. Everyone's high on the burnt ends. What else should I get here?

(2) Arthur Bryant's (Brooklyn location). I realize a lot of people feel they're not what they used to be. But they're such an institution that, even if that's the case, I think I ought to give them a shot. But what to order?

(3) Gate's (Brooklyn location). Same thoughts as with AB's, though I really haven't heard much good at all about Gate's lately (whereas at least some people seem to still enjoy AB's). What's my best bet for a decent meal here?

(4) Fiorella's Jack Stack (Martin City location). Lamb ribs, beans, and cheesy corn seem popular. What else is good?

(5) Oklahoma Joe's (47th & Mission location). These guys seem to be getting a lot of good word of mouth, despite sounding rather antiseptically suburban. What should I get here?

(6) Rosedale (KC, KS). I read that there's new ownership. Has that affected quality? What's good here?

Thanks for any help you can provide!



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  1. Scott,

    I don't see it mentioned on her super often, but my favorite in the area has always been Sneads' Barbecue.

    It's just south of Martin City on Holmes at 171st. Just past Loch Lloyd.

    The brownie sandwich is a pretty amazing pile of beef. I think it's just the scraps from the sliced brisket and they pile it on a log roll.

    Their spicy sauce is really great, if sauce is your thing.


    1. I'm sorry to say it, but you really can leave Gates off the list. From my perspective, the quality has dropped significantly in the last couple of years. Perhaps as Ollie heads towards retirement. LC's and the other non-chain places manage to keep their products unique and worth trying.

      1. Well, if you go to Oklahoma Joe's and Rosedale you're just about 5 minutes from Ouick's, and just a few minutes more to the Woodyard. A KCK BBQ axis of smoke. If you start at the Woodyard,You could do a mini tour of these, to buy sauce and a to go sandwich at least, ending up at Joes. I second the Sneads too.

        1. In regards to LC's burnt ends, the first time I got them the sauce was on the side. The second time they came already sauced.
          I much prefer them without the sauce. I will always make a point to ask for the sauce on the side.

          1. Scott - Looks like you did your homework.

            Let me just add my 2-cents worth, starting with a correction:

            Rosedale does NOT have new owners. It's still owned and operated by the original family. I just now got off the phone with them to verify this.

            I like their ribs and any of the bbq sandwiches.

            At LC's, I'm fond of their ribs.

            If I could only get two side dishes at Fiorella's Jack Stack, it would be their barbecued beans and their onion rings. Cheesy corn would probably be my third choice.

            I'd skip Gates. Unless you want to stop by the one on Main at midnight for a sweet potato pie. And even then I won't swear to their consistency with it since their lack of consistency is why I quit going there. Got so I couldn't even get one decent meal out of five tries so it was time to hang it up on them.

            If I could only eat 'que at two places in town, they'd be LC's (ribs) and Fiorella's (lamb ribs).

            Have fun - and make sure you come back to give us a report!