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Jul 20, 2005 07:30 PM

Dinner in Grand Haven, Michigan

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Going on a trip to Grand Haven, Michigan to see the musical/lighted fountain. Can anyone suggest dinner plans before the show at dusk.( apprx. 9;50pm ). Steaks and fresh seafood would be great.Would prefer a local spot as opposed to a chain. Thanks

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  1. There's a place where you can sit outside (or inside) - just a little behind and to the east of the musical fountain. I've had lunch there, and it's pretty good, not great, way better than a chain. I remember it as sort of up on a hill, probably on the main street where the shops are located. Can't remember the name.

    1. The Kirby House is at the corner of Washington and Harbor Drive--fairly close to the fountain. It has 3 separate restaurants in one building. The Grill Room is a chophouse type of restaurant. Excellent steaks and great martinis!

      The casual dining in the Kirby House side is also very good.



      1. Try Bil-Mar or Snug Harbor, both locally owned with varied menus, on the water

        1. It's nice that there are so many places within walking distance of the fountain.Our favorite spot is the DeeLite Bar & Grill about 1/2 block from the waterfront. The Kirby is also a good suggestion. Snug Harbor is the best place with a water view, though the food is more typical. I have never had a good meal at the Bil Mar (though the setting is wonderful). And if you're around the area for breakfast, Morningstar Cafe near US 31 (not really walkable from downtown) is a great option.

          The Dee-Lite Bar & Grill
          24 Washington Ave, Grand Haven, MI

          Snug Harbor
          311 S Harbor Dr Grand Haven, MI
          ( 616 ) 846 - 8400

          Morningstar Cafe,
          24 Washington Ave, Grand Haven, MI

          The Kirby House
          2 Washington, Grand Haven, MI

          1. Casual places we love are the Tip-a-Few (a fantastic wet burrito) very crowded on weekends, but doable during the week and Fricano's Pizza on Fulton (closed Sundays, cash only). We ate at both this summer as well as breakfast at the DeeLite...can't believe our arteries aren't totally blocked. Worth it, though. I can agree with another poster that I've NEVER had a good meal at the Bil-Mar, but it's nice having a Bloody Mary on their deck enjoying the magnificent view.