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Jul 18, 2005 09:13 AM

Swede Hollow/Dayton's Bluff St. Paul Suggestions?

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A friend of mine is moving to this neighborhood and was wondering what there is for restaurants in the general area. Yes, she knows about Pastor Hamilton: after all, she is friends with me AND Paz, who is my husband and perhaps the biggest Pastor booster in the world. Speaking of which, Pastor mentioned to Paz that he does fish on Saturdays, anyone tried it?

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  1. The Swede Hollow Cafe has really good caramel rolls and decent scones. The Little Oven is not far away, it is an old fashioned red sauce kind of place with big portions and little prices.

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      There is always Magnolia's for a great Hot Turkey Sandwich - not very houndish, but really good. Serlin's across the street to the north has always been good for breakfast.

    2. I recommend your friend have fun trying all the Mexican places in the 7th/Arcade area - I've heard the taco place on the corner there is excellent. I've been to Cafe del Sol on 7th a block or two east of Arcade and that was quite good. This is also one of the few areas in town where you can occasionally find street food (I have seen a taco cart right on Arcade between 6th and 7th every so often - I think maybe it's there to catch the after church crown at Sacred Heart church?). I often envy my mother-in-law, who lives right in that area - how great it would be to be able to walk to all these great, cheap, unique places! Ask your friend to report back!

      1. This is not *right* in the neighborhood, but across the river is Jerabek's- a nice little cafe/coffee shop. It's on the West Side, on Stryker and... something... about 4 blocks from the river. It's been there forever- my Mom remembers it from when she was growing up over there and she's 74 years old. They have fabulous baked goods and good quiche for breakfast. Nice sandwiches and soups. Good coffee and a very lovely outdoor seating area. They also sell some vintage clothes and things.

        Also, what's (who's?) Pastor Hamilton???

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          Scroll down a little and you'll see a thread on Pastor Hamilton. Also, here's a story that was in the Pioneer Press.


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            Stryker and Winnifred. I was just there yesterday.