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Jul 7, 2005 12:55 PM

BAKERIES/PATISSERIES in Oakland County/Detroit

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i have yet to find a *great* bakery in the oakland county area. granted, i havent had the opportunity to drive aimlessly around and swerve into the parking lot of every passing bakery. however, upon consultation with the usual resources (local magazines/newspapers, citysearch, web searches) i still have not found anythign that can truly satisy my taste for great baked goods.

id have to say that jefferson market in ann arbor comes closest to fitting that bill, with its delectably rich and classic desserts, ranging from a homestyle butterscotch pudding to the delicious scones, poptarts and eclairs.

so please..any help for this sweet tooth? ethnic bakeries are great too-- have been to teh chinese bakery on john r /norht of 14 mile , which is decent.

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  1. Give Thanks in Rochester is very good. Excellent breads and french pastries, including croissants, brioche, etc. They also have patisserie items which look beautiful and are usually good, though I'm not sure that they make those on site.

    It's much less fun/funky than Jeff Market, but I make a point of stoppign by when visiting relatives in the area on the hopes they'll have the French Coffee Cake in. A beautifully piped wad of brioche dough studded with raisins and pastry cream. I need to be alone with it :)

    Sorry, I don't have an address, but it's on the back side of main street downtown. They also serve Lavazza espresso and coffee.

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      thanks devon, for all the recs.

      i havent really explored the rochester area but perhaps i will have to make a special trip now. i have had a few things from the hippo pastry shop in novi (japanese) and all as i can recall were good but nothign in particular stands out in my memory, so i dont know exactly what that means. perhaps i didnt pick out the most memorable items. ive also been to a great range of asian (chinese, japanese) pastry shops in nyc so perhaps that is also why. it's good to have here, but also pricey. im sure you're also familiar w / eastern accents on w 4th st in ann arbor. chinese pastry shop and actually pretty decently fulfills my cravings when i have them.

      i heard about a fairly recent opening in birmingham called cannella patisserie. it's across the street from the diner/palladium. i peaked my head in today and apparently their pastry chef hails from the ritz carlton. bought a pain au chocolat (they claim to have the most authentic croissant in michigan however that claim is yet to be tested) but have not tested it yet as i had just stopped in at CHARLIE's on Old woodward. their goods looked tasty but taste will only tell..they also have lavazza espresso adn an assortment of crepes available.

      CHARLIE's: had visited this place in the past and it has unfortunately the pastries i suppose had been scarce and the place fairly empty. however today when i stopped in, the windows were overflowing wiht an assortment of delectable-looking goodies, from chocolate cupcakes, assorted scones, brioche, cookies, pain au chocolat, meringues.... i chose a chocolate chip cookie (still on the traY) and a brioche with vanilla pastry cream. the cookie was wonderful...obviously freshly baked that morning and the best ive had thus far in michigan probably. high-quality danish butter and callebaut chocolate. i have yet to sample the brioche but im looking forward to further visits to sample more. the wmaan behind the counter was charlie's mother and explained to me that charlie had baked nonstop (he is the sole baker) for the last 2 days and loves what he does). a little bit o' luv definitely speaks well for the pastries. we shall see.

      pastry tour hopefully tbc...hopefully more ppl from detroit/oakland county will frequent this board, as it seems pretty scarce of the local folk.

      1. re: wanderlust

        I do like Asian Accents, esp. their odd tiramisu--unlike anyone elses, yet as cold and refreshing as a traditonal version.

        Interesting about Hippo and Charlie's sounds good--never been.

        I will say that Zingerman's bakehouse does very high quality baked goods. I like their croissants and sticky buns. You can definitely taste the butter. The cakes and pies are good, but I have trouble paying big bucks for stuff I know I can make myself.

        The Croissant Shop is a wholesale baker of crosissants (natch) and other pastries. They are very good. My mom orders a couple of dozen around the holidays and we gorge for a special breakfast. I noticed that Cafe Verde (part of the People's Food Co-op) is now carrying his brioche, croissants and other pastries, so that's an easy way to try them.

        I agree--not a lot of local talk, but it comes and goes. I think last year there was even a group that got together to do a crawl thru AA.

    2. I forgot:

      Pastry House Hippo in Novi makes amazing puff pastry cookies. I haven't been to the place, but someone gave some to my grandmother for a gift and she doles them out only if you've been very very good.

      I believe it specializes in Japanese pastries. If you go, I'd be curious to know what else they have.

      1. I have been to Cannella Patisserie in Birmingham a couple of times and have enjoyed what I've tried. I have only tried the pastries but have tasted many different ones (by sharing with others) and everything has tasted yummy. They're also quite beautiful.

        1. I recommend Le Petit Prince on the NW corner of 14 Mile & Pierce in Birmingham.