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Jun 12, 2005 06:39 PM

Any good eats in Lansing, MI?

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I moved to Lansing about 6 months ago and have not found any good Italian eats? Looking for Chinese as well. No bakeries that I could find either. Any help would be apprecitated. Thanks!

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  1. I grew up in the Lansing area and for Italian I can highly recommend Emil's, Spagnuolo's, and DeLuca's. All three are small, family-owned restaurants. Spag's is on Okemos Road east of the mall. The other two are in Lansing, but I don't remember exact locations.

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      Thank You! I will give them a try. Much appreciated

    2. For Chinese try Golden Wok on Grand River in Okemos. They serve dim sum at lunch.

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      1. I know this is a really late response, but East Lansing is actually a pretty good place for bread. Both of these places sell freshly made bread only ... no day old.

        The East Lansing Food Coop on Northwind Drive carries Zingerman's bread (and a few other baked goods) that is delivered fresh from Ann Arbor every day. The lineup varies from day to day. It's open Monday-Saturday 9 to 8 and Sunday 11 to 7. L&L Markets also carry Zingerman's bread but I haven't been to one to see what they're carrying. I assume they also follow the "toss-it-after-one-day" rule (which Zingerman's insists on).

        Also, in Brookfield Plaza at Hagadorn and Grand River (northwest corner, in the building perpendicular to Grand River), the International Bread Company is very good. It's open Monday through Friday 7 to 6 and Saturday 7 to 2. There are about 8 breads made every day, breads that rotate regularly throughout the week (the focaccia on Fridays is great) and an additional bread of the day (Monday through Friday only) that is offered on an irregular basis ... check the in-store calendar or the website below. Most of these breads are yeast-raised, but a some of the once-a-month offerings are quick breads such as Mexican corn bread or chocolate zucchini bread.

        In addition, soup is made Monday through Friday (again, check the calendar) and there's a regular lineup of sandwiches. There's also a $1.50 pastry case with cookies, scones, danishes, and cinnamon rolls, a dessert case, usually with cheesecake (generally good to excellent when newly made but beware if they've been sitting around a while), sometimes flourless chocolate cake, and pastries made by a local pastry chef. IBC also has a small cheese case. The cheeses come from Murray's in New York! Once a month, there's a themed cheese tasting at 6 p.m. on Saturday (advance tickets required).


        1. Bravo is in the Eastwood Center .... It's a really cute outside mall type place and this is the best Italian food!!! Really awesome pasta. Off of Lake Lansing, north west of MSU campus. It's really great I can't get enough of the food there. Good service too!

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            Bravo is indeed good, but it's sad that the best Italian food in Lansing is a chain restaurant.

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              Is Bravo really considered the best in the area? What about the above mentioned locally owned Italian restaurants?

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                Emil's - don't bother

                Spagnuolo's, and DeLuca's are good. Especially the pizza at Deluca's, Try them, you might like them better that Bravo. I do have to say Bravo is exceptionally good for a chain. I just had brunch there today.

          2. Golden Harvest. Best breakfast in town!


            Golden Harvest Restaurant
            240 Main St, Halstead, KS 67056