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Jun 10, 2005 05:19 PM

Best Thai in St. Louis? looking for recs.

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Haven't had any Thai in a while--last try was last summer at the King & I, which was o.k., but not great. I know many STL chowhounds think it has gone way downhill.
So where do knowing STL hounds go for an excellent Thai fix??
Thanks, p.j.

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  1. Funny you should ask. I was at Simply Thai today for lunch. I wouldn't say the best but it is pretty darned good. Much better than King and I. If you are up north, on Lindbergh just south of New Halls Ferry. Check it out.

    Thai Country Cafe always did a good job for me. Manee Thai also.

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      Thai Buree at 141 and Olive is my favorite. Slightly better than Thai Kitchen on Dorsett and far better than the King and I.

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        Simply Thai is a favorite of mine, far better than King and I. I have been there on numerous occasions and have always had good, fresh-tasting food.

      2. Thai Gourmet in O'Fallon, Mo is great. It is in a strip mall next to Brewskees on Hwy K almost to Hwy 40. Worth the drive. The papaya salad is wonderful. We've eaten there 10 times over the past 4 months and have always had delicious food. The owner is always there and seems to really enjoy providing a very pleasant dining experience. I like Simply Thai too, my husband who has a more limited range of what he'll eat, loves the pineapple fried rice. I've eaten at Thai Buree and Manai Thai but was not as impressed.


        1. I haven't been there, but a Chowhound friend of mine recommends Royal Thai on Olive near 270.


          1. I am lovin' the newer Monsoon out on Manchester just East of Woodsmill on the south side of the road. A bit polished and upscale in decor- we do not have to hold that against them.
            They have a "crepe" style dish that is a bit more like a very thin crispy omlette with sauted filling. Lots of other diahes that were temping.

            1. My favorit is Sen at 1221 Locust downtown.

              Manee Thai has had its ups and down, and I hesitate to recommend it. Lots of people rave about the King and I, but I found the food to be OK and the old-steakhouse amibiance to be creepy.

              PS - this thread has a recommendation for Monsoon on Manchester, but I thought it was Vietnamese, not Thai...