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Jun 8, 2005 11:43 AM

Where Is The Best Chinese Take-Out In The Twin Cities?

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The best Chinese take-out I've ever had is from a little hole-in-the-wall place in Inver Grove Heights called Tailan. It's located on Cahill Ave. The BEST Pork Fried Rice you'll ever eat! I also highly recommend the chicken wings and the Chicken with Black Bean Sauce. Honestly, I've never had anything that wasn't good from Tailan.

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  1. Really?!? The few times I've eaten there I thought it was just OK. Although I don't think I order any of those you suggested. Perhaps I'll give it another try.

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    1. re: Sven

      The best Chinese take-out I have been to (not to imply that it is the best in the Twin Cities)is Eddie Cheng in Bloomington in the shopping strip that includes Best Buy. The restaurant is near the Lyndale Avenue exit.

      1. re: Luigi Sison

        The best Chinese in MSP is Shuang Chang in dinkytown, it is amazing. The chicken with mixed vegetables and the spicy baked scallops are my favorites. Their sauces are unique and spicy- the best way to enjoy is with a bunch of people ordering a lot of food, but it makes great take-out as well.

        1. re: Julie

          an acquaintance of mine dragged me to shuang chang soon after i moved here a couple of years ago. one of the worst chinese food experiences of my life (and i've had some bad ones). i do not understand how some places get and keep the high rep that they have, unless it's some form of undeclared charity. i've seen similar places in other cities, too, so it's not an msp thing.

          and to date, i haven't had any chinese in msp that i would recommend to anyone. maybe yummy the first month they were open, but that was a long time ago.

          1. re: Loren3

            When I want Chinese take-out, it's a comfort food thing. You can keep your steamed whole sea bass, chicken feet, etc. Give me good egg rolls, fried rice, some shrimp in oyster sauce, and the other fully-Americanized standards.

            That said, it's been hard to find really good Chinese takeout in the Twin Cities. Mandarin Kitchen in Bloomington is the best I've experienced. I was not terribly impressed by Ping's or Rainbow. What I really miss is hong sue chicken, a staple of Cantonese take-out in Chicago. Anbody know where to find that in the Twin Cities?

            1. re: Jordan

              Not exactly the same thing, but they do hong shu lobster at David Fong's that I've always enjoyed. They might do it for you with chicken, or you might want to try the lobster.

            2. re: Loren3

              I have to agree with you about Shuang Chang. I went to this place many times for lunch when I was at the U of M because it was the best of few options. Maybe it's vastly different for dinner, but I have always been surprised how this place and Rainbow are so highly regarded.

              Jeff Grann
              Roseville, MN

              1. re: Loren3

                Mandarin Kitchen is great - dinner two weeks ago was one of the best chinese meals i had in a long while. Love their dim sum - the best variety in town. My second favorite is Tea House (ordering from the Seschuan menu, of course). Shuang Chen is very very good - just stick to the specials in the white board. Yummy is the best option around Uptown. None of these are "american take out", thanks god=) I'm exited about my upcoming trip to China - then i think i'll know which place here best resembles mainland chow!

                1. re: Loren3
                  doo nay loh mah

                  i agree. the chinese food scene in MSP is miserable. including mandarin kitchen

          2. We get take out from the New Hong Kong Wok in Roseville. They have a huge menu but we usually stick with the "Seven Star around the Moon" and the Human Triple Crown. I like that this place uses quality fresh vegtables and they claim not to use MSG (gives some people headaches).

            Tip: Avoid the eggrolls.

            Jeff Grann
            Roseville, MN


            1. When I dream of good Chinese food, it is the Rainbow Chinese Restaurant's chicken lo mein. The sauce is so light and tasty, the vegetables fresh, and the chicken always perfect. Their steamed dumplings are also wonderful.

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                Angela Versalles

                The very best?.. try Broadway Chow Mein on Broadway Avenue in North Mpls... their special fried rice is packed with Chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, and crab! unbelievable!!!!

                Also try "Red Dragon" on 2100 Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis... great prices! they serve a killer Beef Lo-Mein!!!!

                1. Yummy is the only Chinese place that has Dim Sun on weekdays, although limited menu. Some of their best items for take=out (i.e. dim sum) are sticky rice wrapped in leaves, taro cakes and tofu skins IMO.