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Jun 6, 2005 10:52 PM

Minot, N.D. ?????

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I will find myself staying overnight in Minot in mid June. Is there anyplace to eat in town or even nearby? I realize it won't be gourmet.

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  1. This is pretty old (!!!) but I have a (by this time) almost legendary memory of the Holiday Inn dining room in Minot on a cold (they all are I suppose up there) winter night.

    This was in 1988 or thereabouts (!) But I recall they served (for whatever bizarre reason) the VERY best spareribs ever tasted to that point, and still up there on the list. Plus, they had mouth-watering pies in cases (REVOLVING, of course) in the restaurant area itself, constantly demanding your eyes' attention; and (best of all) a blue-rinsed lady playing "selections" on the Hammond electronic organ on a miniature stage.

    I have eaten all over the world, but this is a meal that stays with me. Who knows, the pace of change being slower up there, some of this may still be in place.

    Recommendations for ND are always lacking. Please let us know if you find anything decent up there that's not chain / unique.

    1. There is a restaurant in Minot owned by celebrity Josh Duhamel. It's called Ten North Main. I'd give it a try.

      1. Hope this reaches you in time. If not, maybe someone else can make use of the info.

        The 10 North Main restaurant came highly recommended from someone in Minot. They have dinner only Tues thru Sat. My Minot source eats there often ever since it's January 2005 opening. Her favorites are salmon, squash ravioli, and pheasant strips (apps).

        July 10 there will be an art tour ending with food at 10 North. Since I'm only 1 1/2 hours away, I'm tempted.

        Another recommendation is the Bagel Stop on S. Broadway. Another is Bellisimo on N. Broadway by the college.

        I'd like to see more recognition for North Dakota eats on this board.

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          I was just there over Thanksgiving...unfortunately it is not a culinary epicenter...there was a new chain restaurant that opened - Up the Creek - it was decent...there is a huge untapped market there for good food!!!

        2. After trying to figure out what time 10 N. Main closed (called a couple of times but never got an human answer) we got to the restaurant at 9 p.m. and were told that they were no longer serving. A waitress recommended a place called Michael's (515 20th Ave SE). I am SO glad 10 NM wasn't open! Michael's is family owned and the food was outstanding.

          Definitely try the Toscana soup. The staff was friendly and accommodating. I'm still so full - I couldn't stop eating! We had steak with a Kentucky bourbon sauce, a family recipe pork chop, and the gorgonzola pasta. Decadent.

          If you only had one night to eat in Minot, skip the celeb spot and go to Michael's.