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Mar 30, 2005 04:15 AM

Prime USDA Beef in Missouri?

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Where is the best place to buy dry-aged usda prime beef in Missouri? I'm in Cape Girardeau, 120 Mi S of St. Louis and in this town our resources are limited. I would order online, but WOW, the prices are astronomical! Surely there is a place to get really good Filets (USDA Prime) somewhere without having to take out a second mortgage! Any help will be appreciated!

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  1. You should be able to find packing houses fairly easily. One caveat is that I know they're very prevalent in the mid part of the state, so I'm not sure about your corner.

    You can buy sides of beef if you have a deep freeze and do quite well - indicating your preferred cuts (brisket or hamburger, for instance).

    Another alternative to tracking these resources down is to locate a sale barn and go on sale day. Not only will you find some resources, if you go before the sale, most barns will serve pretty good food for nearly cost. The trading is what the barn makes their $ on, so the food is mainly as a courtesy to buyers and sellers, and to make sure buyers are there on time.

    1. Finding retail dry-aged beef in eastern Missouri is tricky. I know Annie Gunn's in Chesterfield serves some dry-aged cuts and they also have a co-located/owned market (Smokehouse Market). You might call and see if they sell any of the dry-aged cuts at the market.

      Savagefoods in St. louis is a wholesaler that does dry aging. You could call and see if they have any retail customers you could buy from. Or maybe even you have a buddy in the restaurant business who could order some for you. i don't think they sell retail themselves.

      In western Missouri, there's in Independence.

      And finally,, is right there near you in Doniphan (with a processing plant in Fruitland). They are a mail order operation, i know, but you might ask if they have any local pick-up or retail options.

      I'd be interested to hear what you find out.

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