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Mar 16, 2005 06:59 AM

Dewey's Pizza- Kirkwood St louis county MO- yum.

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I stopped in at a new-for-us chain in Kirkwood- west of St louis. My cooking buddy and I thought it was wonderful;unusual toppings and a chewy but light crust made for a great pizza w/t waiting too long. The salads were tempting- but we were there for pizza. They will allow for fancy topping combinations/specialties that are still split on one pizza ie a red sauce side with fetta and artichokes and a white sauce(olive oil and garlic)side with olives and spinach(fresh spinach not ricotta and). The handsome sudo industrial decor is nice- possibly loud at night.

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  1. We liked Dewey's too. The calzone was good with the amish chicken and roasted red peppers. The bbq chicken pizza has a nice combo of sauce, black beans and corn but not to heavy on the cheese. The edgar allen poe pizza tasted great but the garlic...Nice selection of brews on tap. I like the salad choices too.

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      I am not much of a vegetarian but the two we tried were the Green Lantern( red sauce with goat cheese and artichokes and a bit of pesto) and the Socrates(green and blck olives and fetta on "white" sauce of garlic and olive oil). Just diff enough to make me miss them when I have Dominoes pepperoni with the kids.

    2. We went to Dewey"s (Kirkwood Rd) on Friday night at about 7:30 - what a mad house but we didn't have to wait too long as we ate at the bar. I split a Wild Mushroom Z with my pal - it was fine. Her husband had a Bronx Bomber - GOOD unfortunately my wife had a Greek Salad with Chicken. She was not impressed - but the Ceaser was good.

      We went back last night at about 5:30 PM - we were seated immediately. Wifey and I had a half BBQ Chix, half Edgar Allen Poe (loved the garlic). We left happy!

      1. I'm always disappointed in Dewey's. Their pizzas look great, but the crust doesn't have enough character. I wonder how hot their ovens are.

        1. i always get their calzone with chicken, mushrooms and pesto - killer combination. Next time try the salad - their house balsamic dressing is very nice and they have a seasonal autumn salad with bacon, figs, boursin cheese and a cider dressing that is out of this world.

          1. That salad with the boursin is delicious. Splitting it is a must when my wife and I go there.

            While Dewey's isn't the best pizza in town, it's fairly price and better then most, and we enjoy going there.

            Another bonus is that they have some good beers, and always have something from Bell's in MI on tap.