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Feb 16, 2005 06:59 PM

restaurants in Fremont, Ohio

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Any suggestions for good restaurants in or near Fremont, Ohio? Will be there on business next 2/24 and 2/25. Possibly 10-15 people. Adult beverages a must, decent wines desired, better wines preferred.

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  1. OK, I felt a little sorry for you, guy, since no one has replied with ANY ideas for Fremont, Ohio. I have a passing interest in the area (my parents live about 30-40 miles away so I have dined "a little" in the area). One restaurant I HAVE tried in Fremont is the 818 Club at 818 Croghan Street. Fremont is not very big so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it; it's sort of downtown and if you have any problems, just ask someone where it is. It DOES have a well-stocked bar, and as I recall, pretty decent food.

    There is also a place called Mike and Ninfa's Bar and Grill that is at 1789 E. State Street (on the north edge of town) that sounds interesting. I've been interested in trying it sometime when I'm there (I live in MO), but have not got around to it yet.

    There is also a place called Aunt Teak's at 3680 N. SR (State Route) 53. Have not tried it either, but I'm pretty certain it has booze. There are also a number of other possibilities on North SR 53, as well as the ubiquitous chain restaurants which I DIDN'T mention. Or heck, you could just drive up to Port Clinton where I know they have a few very nice restaurants (Garden at the Lighthouse, or Island House Hotel come to mind), or Mon Ami Winery. There's also a place called The Angry Trout at Bay View that I've always wanted to try, but have never got around to it (I'm only back there a few times a year).

    Be sure to post back if you try something good. I'd be curious and interested to hear what you have to say about your experiences! Good luck!

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      This is about a year after the previous messages were posted, but I just stumbled across this site. As a resident of Fremont who dines out frequently I can concur that the 818 Club on Croghan first rate! Owner Greg Hoch serves up Excellent food, an extensive menu, good service, great "specials" daily, all at reasonable prices. Another excellent spot is Chud's, not far from the 818, on Napoleon St.. Also has adult beverages and excellent food at reasonable prices. Great service. Right around the corner from Chud's is The Depot, which serves the finest pizza & subs in the area. Bartender Ed is the best mixologist in town. Entertainment (R&R) on alternate Saturdays. Mike & Ninfa's is defunct. El Rancho on W. State St.has excellent Mexican, adult beverages. The Time Out Bar & Rest. on Stone Street is pretty smokey, but has real good food, including perch, at very reasonable prices. Little Tavern on the Prairie, just down the road from Time Out, also has good food, outside patio in the summer (place jumps!) and entertainment. The Tackle Box II on Sandusky St. is a little hard to find, but worth the trip. Outstanding food, especially perch & Walleye, as well as wings, soups, burgers, etc.. Patio overlooks the Sandusky River. Inside bar area is friendly but Smokey. Legendz is a new bar/restaurant on the site of the old Serwins. Crowded most of the time. Dining room and bar have seperate entrances. Entertainment on weekends. There's an Appebees on SR 53, a mile south of the Ohio Turnpike, and a Fricker's sports bar will open nearby this summer. Can't omit Whitey's Diner (near downtown on E. State St.)when talking about Fremont restaurants. No "adult beverages", but incredibly good burgers, breakfasts and luncheon specials. The portions are enormous! A truly unique dining experience. Mark the cook/owner will remember you if you've been there once. Open just for breakfast and lunch. Next to Whitey's is the Golden Dragon, featuring the finest Chinese food anywhere. Adult beverages available. Not too bad, all in all, for a small town!

    2. Oh yeah, also forgot to mention Tiffin, OH, is about 25 miles to the south on SR53. They have a couple good ones: the Pioneer Mill that's in an old mill on the Sandusky River. Surroundings are pretty cool. And for really good upscale Italian, there's Carmela's Ristorante on US 224 at the Camden Falls Conference center. They have very yummy food. Just another couple ideas. Good luck!

      1. i cannot help with fremont restaurants, but i do suggest you look for toft's ice cream around there. it's a north central ohio specialty.

        the port clinton suggestion is excellent. that is ohio's lake erie island vacationland area, has nice restaurants and it's an easy drive up from fremont. another in port clinton is the cic aka catawba island club--and there are several good pubs around the marblehead peninsula. try the walleye or perch.

        if you go again in the summer take the ferry and you can drink until you drop at the locally infamous put-in-bay party pubs in the summertime. bowling green or toledo to the west are other ideas.

        good luck & report back!

        1. Our group ended up at Aunt Teak's mainly because it was about a half mile from our hotel. They did a very good job. My steak was cooked perfectly and was tasty. Was it as good as a top end steak house? No, but it was a good piece of meat acceptably prepared.

          The wine list was a little short and is now even shorter. The one entry that I noted was an Osborne Solaz. All of the red wine drinkers in our group liked it, even changed off of other selections. We consumed the last 6 bottles they had.

          Also, the prices were very reasonable. If your looking for steak in the Fremont area, this is a good place to go.

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            Thanks a lot!

          2. I know this thread is seven years old, but as luck would have it, we're traveling through Fremont in a couple of months. I had this idea that I want to find a kitschy type of Chinese restaurant - you know, the type that serves Americanized sweet and sour pork and big mai tais with parasols and pu pu platters.

            Any chance that anyone knows of one - maybe not right in Fremont but in the general area?