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Jan 22, 2005 01:17 PM

SPRINGFIELD, MO, just moved here...

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So here I am in Springfield, Missouri. I've read the Midwest posts back through several months' worth, and can't find much about food in this city. Okay, none.

Are there any other CH'ers here? Is there any good food?

In particular, the BBQ. I'm sick to death of BBQ brisket that hasn't been smoked long enough and therefore has to be sliced on a machine. If you cook it long enough, you wouldn't be able to do that because it would be so tender, it'd fall apart on a slicing machine. I'm looking for good, tender brisket that has to be very carefully hand-sliced. Is that just not a "Missouri thang"? And if not, as I suspect, what is the most popular local BBQ meat....ribs, pork, what? Obviously I need to switch my BBQ meat preference, 'cause the brisket I've tried thus far stinks.

What else should I try in "Missouri's third-largest city"?

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  1. First, my condolensces. I love MO very much, but never found much to crow about in that neck of the woods (and may have only found things to be fearful of - the most famous resident is probably moving back from DC any time now). I could help out much more if you were around Columbia (which is a chow oasis for its location)

    As far as Sprungfeld, I can't give too many tips as it's been awhile and I never found anything great, chow-wise, but don't give up hope completely. For BBQ, I've never known that whole part of the state to even turn anything out - KC trips can take care of that.

    However, in general, beef cooked in other ways should be good in many places. If you find a salebarn, find out when the sales are and go for lunch sometime.

    Also, MO is a great place for country cured ham. Burgers is best known and will ship, but there are many others throughout the state.

    Last general rule, if you like diner food, you'll love MO. This does hold true to Sp. and I have had good diner experiences there.

    Hope you find the overall state to be a good experience. If you're outdoorsy at all, you're right near some great experiences incl. floating waterways, rock climbing, fishing and much more. That part of the state is fairly insular, though, and Sprungfeld may be the epicenter of it.

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      So Springfield is the 'eipcenter of insularity'? That's hilarious.

      I definitely will try the ham at Burgers.

      Thanks for the input.

      1. re: ChrissieH

        And for Missouri, Columbia may be the antithesis of insularity. Even though it's Sprungfeld, I still love Missouri.

    2. What else should you try in Springfield? Try to get out there as quickly as possible. If that doesn't work, try Buckinghams BBQ across from Bass Pro (stay away from the food offerings at BP). I had the turkey and thought it was excellent.

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        if you like BBQ then go to Hawgwild in Aurora. It is about 20 miles from town and is worth the trip.
        if you try mexican villa, you must go to the one on national, it has a distinct atmosphere and of course get the sweet sauce.
        Hong Kong Inn has the best all white meat cashew chicken and spicy sesame chicken.

      2. Well if you like Mexican I would recommend Mexican Villa. Not exactly a gourmet experience but a favorite of my family. But you must go to the 'original' by St. John's hospital. There used to be a couple of unique resturants down by the college but I haven't lived there in 15 years and only go about once a year so I am not sure on those.

        1. I moved away from Springfield about 4 years ago.

          Here is the list of places I like to hit when I visit.

          Anton's for breakfast. I really love the scrambled eggs Anton with salami and pepper jack cheese. Home made biscuits and gravy and real potato hash browns.

          Aunt Marthas Pancake house is also okay. The bone-in ham, b and g, and peanut butter pancakes stand out.

          Springfield is pretty decent for pizza.

          My favorite is The Pizza House at Glenstone and Bennent. They have been around since 1958. Extra thin crust with burnt edges, cut in tiny squares. This the pizza that I measure all others by. The menu consists of pizza, dinner salad, and pepsi products. Skip the salad but try the sausage and deluxe pizzas. My favorite place in town maybe the world.

          I have never had real NY pizza, but I like the slices at New York Pizzaria on Campbell and Morningside. I also like the garlic knots. They now have pasta dishes but I have never tried anything but the pizza.

          Arris Pizza on Republic Road is a unique style that I have only seen in Jefferson City, Rolla, and Columbia. The original in Jeff City is better, but the one is Springfield is good to. The greek sausage is the only pizza I get there.

          McSalty's has a couple locations. They use a whole wheat crust. The Bear pie is a really good combo of toppings with this crust.

          For Mexican I like the fried tacos at Marias downtown. It used to be a take out place but know has a sit down restaurant. I liked it better before.

          Mexican Villa isnt really mexican food, but I still like it. The burito enchilada style is my favorite.

          Downtown has really come to life. I think some exploring down there might do some good. I have had a good meal at Millie's.

          Clary's is a good a choice for steak.

          I have not seen brisket the way you like in Springfield. Buckinghams is an ok place. Brisket and horseradish coleslaw on wonder bread makes a nice meal for me.

          I have never cared for the world famous cashew chicken but my favorite chinese is in Nixa. I cannot remember the name but it east side of 160 just north of Walmart. Mr Yens is a fancy sit down place that is ok.

          Anyway I hope this helps


          1. Want to follow up on the BBQ. What is the most-popular type of meat that folks get? Ribs? Chopped pork? Pulled pork? I don't think I'm really in 'brisket country' and it's always been my philosophy to try out what the locals get instead of insisting on what I'm used to.

            So at these BBQ places y'all have recommended, what do the locals get?

            And a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for trying to help a girl out. I really wasn't hopeful I'd hear anything at all when I posted.