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Jan 2, 2005 11:25 AM

Cameron's in Birmingham, MI

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Thought I would give a brief review of Cameron's in trendy Birmingham...

I went before X-mas on business and was really looking forward to it. We originally wanted to have a party of 8, but were told that there would be a 2 hour time maximum at our table!? So, there were 6 of us and only 5 could make it. This turned out to be good because the horseshoe shaped table for 6 really could hold 5 and that was stretching it.

The interior of the place is really feels like a big city-type place. Plus, the bar is reasonably spacious (bigger than Capital Grille).

The food was good...somewhat typical big steakhouse fare. A nice seafood platter came out and the steaks were very well prepared. I have been to Mitchell's Steaks (another of his restaurants) in Columbus, OH and thought that the food may have been a touch better. Could be that Cameron's is still new and learning.

Overall, very good but very expensive. I still think that if one is looking for the ultimate steak-business dinner, Captial Grille has got it. If one is looking for something a bit more intimate with steaks, why not try Shiraz in Bingham's still my fave.


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  1. I have had very good service and also accommodating extra items or requests for guest. I have had no problem with the food, but yes a steak house affair. I am bummed to hear about your table. What a terrible time to squeeze too many people in a space. I guess it worked out though.
    I have also had excellent service at the Capitol Grille, but at the end of the day it is in a mall. A nice mall, but it is not The Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ. My husband cannot stand going to any of the restaurants at Sommerset Mall, which I too understand. It is unfortunate because there are a few decent spots in there for what there is to offer in this area. I tend to stop in for the capriccio and a glass of wine to help liven up the shopping...

    1. I've had great experiences at Camerons. Great steaks. The lobster tails are delicious but very pricey. I love their calamari appetizer (spicy strips with hot peppers and not fried) and also the smoked salmon (oh-so-thin, also with salmon pate and bagel chips). And I dream about their exceptional carrot cake. Man is it good.

      If I'm not mistaken, they will not seat tables of 8 or larger in the restaurant, you have to sit in the small glass-enclosed private room next to the entry. Hence, the 2 hour limit. I sat in there once with a large party. The service was a little slow in there.

      Capital Grill is a great restaurant, but I've had more "off" dinners there than at Camerons. Although I was there a couple months ago, and it was perfect.

      I am a very big fan of Shiraz. The tempura shrimp appetizer is another item I often find myself dreaming of. Great wines too.