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Dec 28, 2004 01:00 PM

Sorg's - Darien, WI

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Has anyone here purchased meats and/or sausages from Sorg's in Darien, Wisconsin? I'm thinking about giving them a try but wouldn't mind a little advance knowledge first. Thanks!

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  1. I posted this message and somehow, it did not post. I live in Woodstock, IL about 25 miles away and I'll hit Sorgs 3-4x per year.

    Some quick observations:

    1) Call in advance to see when they are open. Their hours are odd and they close early on Saturday and are closed on Sunday. I have made trips up there just to find that they are closed.

    2) Even if you buy only stuff from their freezer, take a number or they will not serve you. It is a Wisconsin thing.

    3) Their meat tends to be better than Jewel-Osco or Dominick's (that's not saying much). Their butchers do know how to cut meat and do a pretty good job. They carry a lot of unusual items (i.e., chili grind ground beef, lamb cubes, ground lamb.

    4) The prices are OK, pretty close to the normal prices of the majors.

    Personally, I buy 80% of my meat at the Woodman's in Carpenterville,IL as the prices are much better for comparable quality. If I am heading off to Harvard, Darien, Janesville, or Whitewater, I will stop in and see what is available

    1. My parents live near Darien, and go to Sorg's regularly -- particularly for special occasions. They're pretty frugal, and wouldn't bother if the quality weren't worth it. When I'm back in Wisconsin for visits, I always request that they pick up some beef jerky for me there -- it's great.

      1. Thanks for the help! What I find interesting is that they've been in business for over 60 years and the entire operation is apparently on-site, so the consumer buys meat directly from those who raised and processed it.

        1. Heading that way today [3-24] Has always been EXCELLENT!

          1. Only have the best to say about the place; I take all of my "on the hoof" there for slaughter. Pesonally I don't care for their sausage and burger recipe,however my wife loves it. All in all I give them 4 out of 5 stars.