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Dec 11, 2004 06:35 PM

Nominate: Best Pizza in Minneapolis-StPaul (if you say Dominos, you are banned from chowhound 4 good)

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  1. The Pizza Factory in New Brighton used to have a good pizza - called the North Shore, or something like that. They use a stone ground flour for the crust. I get back to the Twin Cities about once a year and stop in for a lunch pizza. I prefer just a little sauce, no mozzarella, grated hard cheeses, and anchovies. Tastes great. Once you have had pizza in Naples Italy, you really don't want "American Pizza".

    The first pizza I ever had was in the early 50's. My mom made it out of a box. No mozzarella, just sauce and grated cheese.

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    1. re: Mel

      Coincidentally, I had pizza at Cupcake the other day (University Ave catercorner from Hubbard Broadcasting on the city line). It was advertised as bbq chicken with caramelized onions, no mention of mozzarella. It came with mozzarella, a huge, translucent, hardened glob spread across the entire pizza. Should you eat here, stick with the desserts, sandwiches, and the carrot ginger soup.

      1. re: Mel

        Perhaps your mother would have had more success using flour and salt rather than a box. Boxes make for tough chewing!

        1. re: Almasmom

          You do realize that you just responded to a post FROM 9 Years ago!

      2. My husband and I have identified what we consider to be Minnesota pizza: it comes in nice little 2 bite sized squares. The exemplar, in our opinion, is found in Northfield, Bill's or Basil's, which both feature gyro pizza, and they have an amazing ability to get exactly one piece of gyro on each piece.
        Obviously not everyone is going to trek to Northfield for this delicacy, so I nominate Broadway Pizza in NE Minneapolis as next best, then Checkerboard in St. Paul in the Midway area.

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        1. re: Alice

          Other good ones to try are Golooney's in Uptown, though I haven't had that in years, so not so sure anymore, Fast Freddie's/Bryn Mawr Deli in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood, and Punch in St. Paul, though none of those are the aforementioned square slices.

          1. re: Alice

            Their ability to space the meat so that each slice get one piece is about the only thing noteworthy when it comes to pizza in Northfield. My suggestion would be to skip the pizza all together and go for a gyro sandwich instead. Or better yet try one of the many Mexican restaurants popping up all over town.

            (Out of fairness I should mention that my in-laws, who are from Northfield, love the pizza here.)

            Psycho Suzies in NE Mpls has really good pizza but you have to show your hip counter culture ID (i.e. tattoos and piercings) at the door to get in.

            1. re: Sven

              I think Bill's and Basil's have perfected the square slice. The sauce is perfectly spiced, the cheese is not too heavily laid on, and the crust is a nice medium thickness. I guess I should have specified what I liked about it besides just that ratio.

              1. re: Alice

                Hmm. I thought Bill's closed and didn't reopen when MNDOT redid the interchange of HI 19 and HI 3.

            2. re: Alice

              If you're looking for good 'square' pizza in our hood, Alice, you might want to try Dino's. Its at Thomas and Hamline. I don't consider it quite as good as Red's but darn close. I like their combo pizzas but they tend to get gloppy with toppings and the crust looses its crunch. We had a sausage, onion and bk olive on Friday night that was just right.

              Carry out or delivery only.


            3. We're crazy about Galactic Pizza on Lyndale/28th. Fresh ingredients, great sauce, and all organic. And for those who are lactose intolerant, they make the best vegan pizza I've ever had.

              1. What if i don't say Domino's but i nominate Totino's pizza, do I get banned anyway? =) c'mon, it's a Twin Cities tradition!

                OK, Totino's is not my favorite, i gotta say... Pizza is VERY personal taste. My personal favorite is PUNCH, that's what i had growing up in Brazil - Napolitan style, thin crust, not heavy on toppings (so you can taste the crust and the fact that it was baked on a wood-burning oven, a great added flavor!) YUM!!!

                1. Pane Vino Dolce's pizza expanded my concept of pizza and is my nomination for best in town. They don't serve it anymore, but at the time it was a simple roasted garlic goat cheese pizza. Their ability to meld crust, toppings,and cheese into one bite won my heart. From that point on I have experimented at home with my own homemade crust, pizza stone and maxed out oven to simulate the experience. (Tip: Forget the cornmeal on the peal - place your dough on parchment paper and pull the whole thing right onto the stone.) I also like what Punch is doing although their crust is too flimsy and soft for my taste.

                  Jeff Grann
                  Roseville, MN