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Dec 5, 2004 08:18 PM

Croissants etc in St. Paul: tips?

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I have been wanting to start having croissants for breakfast, good bakery style ones. I looked at Byerly's and found overpriced and not very authentic looking ones, wondering if there is a place, preferably in St. Paul that has reasonably priced good ones, less than $1 per piece. Willing to go to Minneapolis as well, or the 'burbs.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Turtle Bread (Minneapolis unfortunately) has the best croissants, buttery, flaky, rich, deep golden brown, fabulous with sweet butter and marmalade. Also quite good is Patricks.

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      I think the best croissants in town are made at the Wedge coop on Lyndale. If you get there around opening, they are still warm. Or you can freeze them and pop them into the oven for a few minutes until crisp. I think they are using the old New French Cafe recipie, which produces a fluffier yeastier croissant. Also, Rustica makes very good croissants, although sometimes they are a bit tough - but excellend flavor always. Rustica take note!

    2. The croissants at Trung Nam French Bakery are terrific. Trung Nam is on University Ave west of Dale (I think the intersection is University & Grotto), in an old Popeye's Chicken building. They've got several flavors of croissants available daily, though you need to get there pretty early to get them. My favorites are the plain, chocolate and apricot -- really good pastry, buttery and flaky. And the croissants will cost you a mere one buck apiece. Give 'em a try and let us know what you think.


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        We found them too soft and buttery, almost soggy. And the plain ones are sweetened, making them much less vertsatile (think ham and brie sandwich--yum!).

      2. The croissants at La Patisserie on Randolph and Snelling are pretty good as well.

        La Patisserie is in St. Paul.

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          Michael Florey

          The Almond Croissants at the Dunn Bros. on Grand Ave. near Snelling are quite good.

          The Almond Croissants at Franklin St. Bakery in Minneapolis (Franklin and 11th Ave.) and Patrick's French Bakery (66th and Xeres) are just freakin' awesome.

          1. wow, thanks everyone. I will check these places out, probably beginning with the Vietnamese French bakery and report back.