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Nov 6, 2004 06:35 PM

Honey Wine in the Twin Cities

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My wife and I tired a delicious honey wine at a local Ethiopan restaurant. The restaurant has since shut down, to be replaced by the funniest-looking Irish pub in the Cities, and I have been looking for a bottle of this stuff ever since. Most African grocery establishments seem to be halal, and therefore carry no booze, and it's a bit esoteric for the local liqor store. Any suggestions?

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  1. "Funniest looking Irish-pub in the Twin Cities...."

    That's a hoot! Molly Quinn's HAS evolved.

    Seriously though, I would check Zipp's Liquor on Franklin in Seward. They have a fantastic wine selection.

    I also recommend East Lake Liquor (40th and Lake?). Ask for Matt. He's a great guy and can probably find what you're looking for.

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      k . gerstenberger

      National Mead Day: National Mead Day was celebrated with vim and vigor in St. Paul, MN this past Saturday as some 23 people gathered to sample 37 meads. Commercial meads included the likes of Xtabentum (Licor de Anis y Miel de Abejas), Brother Adam's Bragget Ale, Lindisfarne and Moniack (Dark) - to name just a few. The most striking aspect was the quality of the home made meads. Thanks to everyone who participated and a special thanks to those who brought libations and food. Equally aMAZEing is that five mead makers made six batches of mead: two batches of the official mead day recipe, cherry melomel, and batches of cranberry blossom, raspberry ginger, wildflower, and mint blossom. In all, 32 gallons of mead were made. Mead making technique ran the gamut from pasteurization to the use of sulfites to no sanitation of ingredients. Some 1.6 trillion yeasts "pitched in" to make it happen. Check out the pictures!!!


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        The Mead Festival sounds awesome and I wish I had known about it because I may have attended.

        By the way, I think your link is bad. The page belongs to a Latter Day Saint Dog Trainer. I would love to see the pictures though.

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          Mead day sounded like fun. Never had mead, but I've long been interested in trying it.

          Honey wine is different, though (I don't think Africa gets to enjoy mead--maybe too hot?)--it's basically white wine infused with honeyness (I'm not quite sure how they make it, but that's the general idea).

          I'll try those liquor stores--thanks!

          BTW, there's no "www" in the MN brewers website--fixed link's below.


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        1. This doesn't exactly help, but we had honey wine at Lalibela in Sioux Falls, they get their Honey Wine shipped in from California (Oakland, I think). They were willing to sell a friend of ours a bottle (for $12!) - perhaps if you look them up and give them a call, they can help you get in touch with the people they get theirs from.

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            How did you find this three year old message to respond to? I'm genuinely curious... this seems to happen a lot.

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              It was actually at the top of the list... I didn't even realize it was so old! Beats me as to how it got up there. (I think there was another recent reply that may have since gone away)