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Nov 6, 2004 03:06 AM

The BEST places to eat in Detroit/suburban area

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Just moved back to this area, residing in Birmingham. What are the BEST places to eat, all types of food and price ranges please.....also best pizza and/or pasta places please.

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  1. When we lived in the area we liked Ernesto's for italian. It's on Plymouth Road about halfway between Ann Arbor and you. And for pizza, culture and entertainment, Italian-American Museum & Pizzeria
    Detroit Pizzamaker, Silvio Barile, has transformed his shop into an Italian-American Cultural Center. The food's incredible and Silvio sings up a storm.

    26417 Plymouth Road
    Redford, MI (suburb of Detroit)
    Open 9am - 6:30pm • Monday thru Saturday

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    1. re: squirrel

      The last time I visited Silvio - several months ago - he was not serving food, just philosophy. He's an interesting guy, also a sculptor. Tell him that you want to see his work. It is next door at his house.

    2. b

      High end, expense account:
      The Lark (Farmington)
      Tribute (Farmington Hills)
      Opus One (downtown)
      Rattlesnake Club (downtown)
      Sweet Georgia Brown (upscale southern)
      Emily's Northville
      Rugby Grille (Townsend Hotel, B'ham)
      Grill at Ritz-Carlton (Dearborn)

      Rustic upscale
      BooCoo (Royal Oak)

      Pizzapappolous (Greektown)

      Zoup! (soup bar) various locations
      Sweet Lorraine's (Southfield)
      Bastone (Belgian) (Royal Oak)
      Flying Fish (Southfield)
      Beverly Hills Grill
      LA Bistro (Dearborn)

      Inn Season (Royal Oak)

      McCormick & Schmick's (Troy)
      Charley's Crab (Troy)
      Mitchell's (Birmingham)
      Holiday market (seafood selection for cooking at home)

      Coney Island
      Lafayette (Detroit)

      The Breakfast Club (Madison Heights)

      That's a start, check out the Midwest boards for more suggestions as well...

      Welcome home!

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      1. re: berkleyababe

        Other names for Seafood - Tom's Oyster Bar and Lily's Seafood - both in Royal Oak. I also love Little Tree for sushi (also Royal Oak). Their cooked food is good too.

        Also (non-seafood) Just tried Big Rock Chop House in B'ham for the first time (amazing, since I grew up near there - had never been to any incarnation of that place). Anyway the food was great, but the atmosphere was very loud and boisterous - maybe not traditional "steakhouse" atmosphere.

        1. re: berkleyababe

          BooCoo is out of business....never got to try it...

          1. re: berkleyababe

            Hey berkleybabe, I'm suprised that you included Emilys & BooCoo. They have both been closed for quite some time! I usually find your posts "spot on".

            1. re: schaf1

              Did you notice the date on her post??

              1. re: grouper

                I used to work at Emily's and I think it was long gone even in 2004. Having said that it's not like it's hard to suggest some place that is closed. I've done it several times recently.

                1. re: Fritter

                  Hubby and I ate at Emily's in May 2006. All I can remember about it is that it was very pricey! Wasn't surprised when I heard they had closed.

                  1. re: Rheta

                    We are talking about two different places. The original Emily's in Northville closed long ago. The one on Center is now closed as well.

          2. House of India on Orchard Lake in ... Farmington Hills?
            Sukothai on Greenfield at 696
            Maria's Front Room on 9 mile in Farmington

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            1. re: wolf

              Make that Ferndale for Maria's.

            2. A few places that are amongst my favorites...

              Pizza - The Alibi in Rochester (cheap)

              Casual - The Clarkston Union (great beer selection, mac & cheese and other things...can be a bit salty) Prices are more moderate.

              Burger - The Redcoat Tavern (there is no better burger in my mind...people who I have introduced to the Continental style burger have NEVER looked back) cheap

              Nicer - BooCoo in Royal Oak. The Euros who work for our company really enjoy it.

              Really nice (bring your wallet) - Shiraz in Bingham Farms. Doesn't get a lot of press, but the food is great.

              Trying Fiddleheads tonight...we'll see.


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              1. re: DetroitLove

                Ajishin in Novi for sushi and udon. Best sushi I've had in Michigan, and very reasonably priced.

              2. d

                Vince's & Roma (both in Detroit)
                Maxine's (Grosse Pointe Woods)
                Sushi (the best I've had... altho never been to Noble. It's impressed friends from Seattle)
                Oslo (Woodward & John R)
                Thai Bankok (Hamtramck)
                The Harlequin Cafe (West Village)
                Union Street

                To name a few.
                Never been impressed by Tom's Oyster.