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Nov 5, 2004 09:15 AM

Thanksgiving in Bloomington, IN

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We will be having Thanksgiving with my Dad in Bloomington, and will be going out to eat. Have tried the buffet at the Union and weren't impressed with the quality. Anyone know of a tasty, not-too-expensive Thanksgiving Day meal? Does not have to be a buffet, but a note of caution that Dad has very meat-and-potatoes taste buds, nothing unusual for him. Otherwise, we will likely end up at Cracker Barrel -- save me!

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  1. Unless you are going to want ethnic, it will all be pretty much the same. I don't know what your budget is but if you want to avoid the usual stuff you might try to get a reservation at Chapmans, (812) 337-9999 it is pretty mainstream and not adventurous. Just a kind of nice white table cloth place. The Limestone Grille www.limestonegrille.com (812) 335-8110 is a favorite, Tallent on Kirkwood, sorry i don't have a phone number, Scholar's Inn(812)332-1892 Google them, I'm sure they have a website, and my favorite Truffles(812) 330-1111. I'd get onto making reservations soon. They will book up.

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      Thank you for the suggestions -- I would love to try all of those restaurants at some time! Unfortunately, what I need to find is "the usual stuff" but well-prepared. Dad is a man of simple tastes -- no pizza, no chinese, no ethnic of any kind. When we went to the Tudor Room a couple of years ago, a couple of the dishes there were a little too "different" for him, and how much more basic can you get?

      Anyway, I am looking now at possibly one of the Nashville "fried biscuit and apple butter" places. I know the Story Inn is good, but the Thansgiving menu looks too adventurous for him, unless we could get the deep-fried turkey without the herbs de provence and the truffle butter.

      I love my Dad, but he is the farthest from an adventurous palate that you could find.

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        Tudor Room is as mainstream as you can get. Another thought would be restaurants in the state parks. West of Bloomington is McCormicks Creek, over near Spencer, Abe Martin Lodge in the Nashville area and I am forgetting the name of the place south at Spring Mill. Pretty plain basic cooking at all of them. I think they all do the big spreads for turkey day.

        Another option is that the big supermarkets here will roast a turkey for you and pretty much do Thanksgiving in a box for take out. Kroger and Marsh will do that and you could eat in. You hust need to order it a few days in advance.

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          Thanks, I forgot about the state parks (and I even got married at McCormick's Creek!). We may end up going out someplace really generic and then cooking up a yummy turkey dinner for ourselves for Hanukkah a few days later....

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            Brown County/Abe Martin Lodge had been our Thanksgiving tradition for years (Dad developed a wheat allergy, so that's out this year). There have been years where it's impressively good, and some years where it's average buffet food- but I've never dreaded going.

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          If you find your self going over to Nashville you need to go to the Gnawbone Food and Fuel for a tenderloin sandwich. They have the best and make them themsleves. When you are coming into Nashville from Bloomington instead of heading into town turn right like you are going to Story. It is just a few miles and Gnawbone is just a wide space in thte road with a bunch of flea markets and campgrounds around. It is the Marathon Gas ststion that you want. It will be on the right. I always order a junior. The regular is about the size of a dinner plate and these are thicker than the commercially produced tenderloins.

      2. Just called Truffles to ask about their Thanksgiving buffet, and the girl I spoke with did not know what I was talking about. Will try again later, but right now I am not sure whther they have a Thanksgiving dinner or not at Truffles.

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          You may have a problem with any of the "regular" restaurants being open on Thanksgiving. As recommended above, hotels with restaurants may be your best bet. Chapman's, Abe Martin Lodge, etc... Most grocery stores also have Thanksgiving dinners.

        2. Limestone has gone out of business. Truffles and Tallent do not do Thanksgiving. Farm does.