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Nov 2, 2004 04:10 PM

Looking for the BEST TURKEYS for Thanksgiving - St. Louis area only

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Heritage, free range, organic - whatever . . . where can i get the best turkey in the St. Louis area?

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  1. Call the Smokehouse in Chesterfield. I know that they will order fresh turkeys. I once did a special order for veal shanks for osso bucco. They were fantastic to work with. My osso bucco sucked, though for the record (however, it had nothing to do with the beautiful shanks, just the crappy recipe, I think)

    Otherwise, I wonder if Whole Foods has orders for free range, organic turkeys?

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    1. re: Stephanie

      Do you have a # for the Smokehouse, or an address?

      1. re: blackbookali

        Smokehouse Market
        16806 Chesterfield Airport Rd.

        From the phonebook...

        1. re: Stephanie

          thanks, I tried yellow but to no avail - woulda tried the phone book but dont have access to the greater St. Louis out here in the greater Los Angeles (visiting the folks for the holidays)

          thanks for the help

    2. I was very pleased with the turkey I got from Simon Kohn's kosher meat market on Old Olive last year, and I'm ordering another this year. Kosher turkeys require a bit more work, since they are minimally processed, and therefore need to be gone over to remove pinfeathers, etc. But the results were definitely worth the small extra effort. (I used the high heat--500ยบ--method advanced by Barbara Kafka in her book, "Roasting," and had great success.)


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      1. re: Alan

        Were you able to get a FRESH turkey last year at Kohn's? We ordered our usual fresh kosher turkey from Diamant's, but Mr. Diamant wasn't able to get any.

        I was at Trader Joes in Brentwood on Sat. night and saw that they carry fresh Empire poultry, including fresh ground turkey. Tomorrow night, I will ask if they will get fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. I would prefer to give my business to Mr. Diamant, however.

        FYI, the kosher turkey has been soaked in salt water: brined. My husband and I broke out in laughter a couple of years ago, as a chef speaking on NPR advised cooks to brine their turkeys before roasting. Hello! The purpose of brining a kosher turkey (one that has been slaughtered properly) is to remove the blood, which cannot be eaten.

        1. re: p.j.

          I spoke to Kohn's this morning, and they said they would be getting fresh turkeys in. They said I could just come in and pick one up, but I went ahead and reserved one, and was told one would be held for me.

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            in addition to what you mention when you brine any meat you season with salt and sugar through and through - it makes meat delicious and tender. Ive done it pork tenderloin and it was amazing how tender it was compared to smoking or grilling without the brine.