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Jan 22, 2004 02:37 PM

Live Sturgeon $4.98 Pound @ Waynes Market [Burian]

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Thought i'd share this rare treat.

Purchased a 8 pound live Sturgeon at Waynes Market in Burian.

They had Fish that seemed to weigh as low as 5 pounds up to about 35 pounds in the live tank.

Prepared the Fish using the Head and Trimmings for a Rich Soup, Russian Caucaus Style.

Split one half that i'm making Gravlex with Dill, Jupiner Berries, Black Pepper and Vodka

The other half we cut into Filet Steaks and sauted on high heat with Lemon, Butter, Olive Oil, White Wine and Capers it was decadent, very sweet and tasty.

Have to thank Chris {LEPER} for this shopping find.
The Fresh Dill was only 69 cents a large bunch, Pink Lady Apples 48 cents pound and Beef Steak Tomatos 69 cents Pound. Plus they also have a Russian Deli.


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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to try Waynes. Whenever we go to Burien, my wife calls it "Durian" with a big laugh, like it's a city named for one of her favorite fruits :)

    1. Wayne's ain't too bad,looks like a dump,but good selection.Love there Char Siu,got poorly cooked duck twice,I go to Uwagimyas now for duck overall Waynes is ok