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Aug 21, 2004 05:09 PM

Super Smokers BBQ

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So I think I have decided to try takeout from Super Smokers, but their website is down! Does anyone have a menu and can tell me (or fax me) what's on it? I would be so grateful!

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  1. My clan always likes the pulled pork and the slaw. The german potato salad is prety good.

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      Paula Helm Murray

      I've never had a bad meal at Super Smoker. In fact we're pleased to note there's one along I-70 as you go out of St. Louie, though I think the one in Eureka is the original. I'm partial to the pulled pork and the Carolina-style vinegar sauce (I know this is heresy for someone from KC, MO, but so be it). Their cole slaw is good too.

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        Well, just got back from Super Smokers (in Sunset Hills) and I am pleased to report that it was a first rate pork sandwich and "spicy pecan salad". I had their "award winning sauce" and wasn't totally impressed, but the pork was so tasty and moist that it hardly needed sauce.

        Next trip to St. Louis, I will definitely try O'Connell's! Thanks chows.

      2. Good, but they are out of business

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          not quite true...the one in Eureka opened back up from what I've gathered.

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            Eureka and now a second location in St. Peters at 1365 Jungermann Rd