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Aug 20, 2004 11:02 AM

White Stag/Sugar Camp, Wisconsin

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Anyone been there? What to order...any other good eats near Sugar Camp/Eagle River?

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  1. In Eagle River there are several good places. One is the Logging Camp, which has very good food and a good wine list. The decor on the outside looks rustic, but inside it's quite nice. Also on the other side of Eagle River is Stag Rest. ( I believe that's the name) It's Germain based but has other really good food as well. You'll find a lot of good eats places in the St.Germain, Minocqua area as well. If your at all interested in a bakery, Joyces' cheescakes in Eagle River is wonderful and don't miss the eclairs-they are huge and just terrific.

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      Richard Jacobsen

      Great restaurant. Been around for years and it is one of the local's favorite places to go for a steak. They serve huge salads and a variety of steaks -- done on an open grill. Family run.

      Great food -- especially Friday night fish fry is just down the road at the Moon Dance.

      1. The White Stag used to have great food, good service, although if there was a problem the management wasn't real responsive. there was always a long wait and the three or four dining rooms were full.
        As of my last time dining there, Jan of 2010, there wasn't many people there and the food was not up to par. The steak was fatty, overly smoking (soaked in liquid smoke) and the onions were burnt.
        I used to travel for 60 minutes to get there. I won't do that again.