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Jul 26, 2004 10:03 AM

Door County (Wisconsin) Suggestions?

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I have been going up to Door County for years, but we typically stick to the same places.

I'm wondering if any fellow 'hounds have any favorites in the area. We stay in Sturgeon Bay, but I'd be interested in hearing about places farther north (i.e., Fish Creek, Egg Harbor, Ephraim, etc.).

Thank you in advance for your comments.

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  1. we need help as well.

    Would like one "4 star" or expensive/adult restaurant and stuff for kids. Any suggestions would be great and thank you

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    1. re: janet schatz

      Janet, my search of previous posts and other research leads me to believe that Trio (Egg Harbor) and Sage (Sturgeon Bay) are two of the nicer, pricier, high end places. I also can tell you (from personal experience) that Inn at Cedar Crossing in Sturgeon Bay is very good.

      In addition, as you may know, there are many "supper" clubs in the area that serve good food (particularly steaks) at reasonable prices. Although the atmosphere in these places is anything but fancy, Nightengale (Sturgeon Bay) and C&C (Fish Creek) are two favorites.

      I was somewhat surprised at the lack of responses to my post, as I know this is a popular tourist area....Would appreciate any input on other places.

    2. for higher end chow, go to mission grill in sister bay (which gets a wine spectator award each year for its wine list) or the inn at kristophers in ephraim (i think it's with a "k"--i had a fantastic meal there last year). for kids, go to PC junction, just outside egg harbor on E i think--food is delivered via electric train (the train track circles the bar). it's bar food, but good bar food. often there is a wait, but there is an outside bar and play area behind the joint. also for kids (or lunch), try the northern grill in sister bay. good walleye sandwich. there's a good breakfast joint in egg harbor, bu the name escapes me (the "something" cafe). it's on the right side of 42 as you're heading north out of egg harbor. the white gull inn is a good breakfast place in fish creek. when you need a cold one, head to the AC tap on 57 between sister bay and bailey's harbor. the bean bag toss game (a legend at the bar, and rumor has it, a huge bargaining point when the bar was recently sold) will keep the kids entertained while you get tanked, i mean have a beer.

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      1. re: Chomper

        i just remembered the name of the breakfast place in egg harbor--village cafe. also, i'd be remiss if i didn't mention the greenwood. classic supper club outside fish creek (north). get your manhattan with brandy and then order the pork chops (yes chops, you get two). really tasty. you can shoot a game of pool in the bar while you wait for your table. go ahead and have that second manhattan--you're on a roll.

        1. re: chomper

          ok, after re-reading ron a.'s and janet's desperate pleas for help, i thought i'd add a couple more. i'm obviously bored at work, so this is a nice aside. and in case you're wondering, i'm not throwing out every place i know of. these places are all gold. now back to business.

          other good breakfast spots: the old post office in ephraim, the viking in ellison bay and al johnson's in sister bay (for swedish pancakes; while you wait for a table, the kids can play in the park across the street).

          for lunch, go to the bayside tap in fish creek for suds, darn good chili and the brat burger (another strange wisconsin concoction). the bayside is kid friendly. i took my daughter there when she was 9 months old. i was impressed that they had high chairs (another peculiar wisconsinism--kids are welcome in bars and, by law, can even buy and consume cocktails as long as their parents are in sight).

          if you want a healthier lunch than the bayside tap, try the summer kitchen just north of ephraim. (but gents beware--ephraim is dry as the gobi desert--no booze!)

          lastly, the sister bay bowl (in sister bay, of course) combines two grand badger state traditions--bowling and supper clubs--under one roof. go with a sense of humor and a big appetite. surf-and-turf is sirloin and perch. bowl a game while you wait for your table. i'd suggest starting off with a round of pabst. roll 'em straight!

          1. re: chomper

            by now you're wondering, doesn't this guy have a life? but i just realized i wrongly stated that the inn at kristophers is in ephraim. it's not. it's in sister bay. which means you can get a nice bottle of wine with dinner (something the elders in ephraim wouldn't allow).

            1. re: chomper

              Great stuff. I'm getting a yen to hop in the car and head due north... :o)

              1. re: peg

                peg, thanks for the plaudits. in return, i have another tip for you. just south of algoma on 42 is a place called the flying pig. it's a coffee shop/art gallery/garden center (brilliant diversification). it's a worthy stop if you take this route to door county.

                as an aside, and as commentary on the raison d etre of the board, my friend (who introduced me to all these places over the years) is concerned that i'm going to flood his fav spots with tourists. but i don't think any of these places are particularly secret (e.g., al johnson's). plus, the more people we send to these joints, the more likely they'll stay in business and continue serving me perch and pabst. finally, it serves the greater good and the spirit of the board. so mike, you'll have to live with it.

                1. re: chomper

                  ...I'm all for it, believe me. This Flatlander (or FIB, if you wish) salutes you! :o)

            2. re: chomper

              I second Al Johnson's in Sisters Bay for a great Swedish breakfast. And, yes, those are real goats on the roof. D.

              1. re: Donna - MI

                Be prepared to wait at Johnson's, on Holiday weekend's you can wait for 2 hours if you hit a peak time. Also wanted to note there is an egg place in Ephriam next to the Door County Confectionary, that I believe serves only Breakfast Burritos, my cousins live/works in Door County and stops by there every morning for a quick cheap burrito to go, then heads over to the Leroy's Coffee shop up the road.

                1. re: vicker16

                  One more, used to live in Door County growing up, at loved to go to the Sister Bay Bowl for ribs and bowling.

          2. re: Chomper

            Just wanted to correct the writer. The Inn at Kristophers is located in Sister Bay across from the Sister Bay Marina and it is absolutely phenomenal.

          3. We were in Door County last week. This trip we tried some different restaurants as we also generally have gone to the same ones each trip. We stayed in Sister Bay and for breakfast The Little Sister Inn (across from Al Johnson's) has fantastic waffles. On the day we went over to Washington Island, we had breakfast at KK Fiske's and it was fabulous. It was very much a locals hangout and was very busy but great, fast service and terrific food. The omelettes were outstanding.

            For dinner one night we ate at the Mink River Basin Supper Club in Ellison Bay. Again very good service and great food. I ordered the prime rib special and the prime rib pretty much took up the whole plate. My husband had roast loin of pork and also was served a gigantic portion. And the beef barley soup was very clearly homemade and very good. Their desserts looked good but we were too full for another bite.

            The nice thing about Door County is that it doesn't take long to get to anywhere on the pennisula. Have fun trying new places!

            1. This one can be for adults but it is for the kids especially. Wilson's- -is a ice cream place that has a item on the menu called the Banquet, it consists of 5 flavors of ice cream of your choice, 3 toppings, and tons of whipped cream. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good time.

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              1. re: bratsncheesecurds

                Wilson's also makes their own root beer which makes the wonderful root beer floats beyond sensational! May I also add that Not Licked Yet in Fish Creek is terrific custard. Don't miss it.