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Jul 5, 2004 08:00 PM

Slow Food in the Midwest

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I'm writing a book about the Slow Food movememnt in the Midwest, to be published next year by UI Press. I need your help to find the great stories. I am looking for the people throughout the Midwest who are, in any small or large way, living the ideals of Slow Food. One of the people I will profile, for example, is Simone Delaty, who owns a farm in Wellman, Iowa. There she hosts French and Mediterranean dinners and other events where the kitchen and the table are the center of everyday life. This is the sort of story I seek.

These people do not need to be restaurant professionals, though they might be. They needn't be farmers or artisans either, though they may be that as well. I am interested in history, both that of the settlers and of the Native Americans who still live here in the Heartland. I seek people who are living life the Slow way despite the onslaught of the fast-paced modern world. They need not be actual members of the movement, just people who live the ideals (learn more about the ideals at You yourself might be one of these people.

Whether you have 1 name or 100, I would like to know about them.



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    I was part of the beginnings of the Slow Food movement in the Twin Cities. You might want to contact Ron Huff, and the foursome (Robert, Leslie, Doug, and Kirsten) at the Cesares Wine Bar in Stillwater, MN. Dara Moskovitz just did a write-up in City Pages of this group

    One of our first events was to visit the Indian reservation up north where they parched the wild rice.

    I haven't been there recently, but the Twin Cities group has been active since 2000.

    1. c

      There are several people involved in the slow food movement that are on the cleveland food & wine forum. You should post there:

      1. k
        Kurt M. Friese

        Thanks for the good leads so far, everyone!

        I should clarify, though, that I am on the Slow Food USA National Board of Governors for the Midwest region, and already know the specific convivia fairly well. I'm looking for the stories of the folks who, while they may or may not be members, are living the life.

        Keep up the good suggestions!

        Thanks again.


        1. Kurt,

          A woman named Kerry Conan wrote an article in this month's Gourmet about Bossy's Best Beef. Kerry lives in Bonner Springs KS and the Vogelsberg ranch is also in Kansas. Here is a link to another article about her.

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            Kurt M. Friese

            I'm so pleased to hear that Gourmet wrote about something between the Appalachians and the Rockies that wasn't Chicago! They do have a tendancy to be somewhat bi-coastal. Hopefully, with the former Slow Food USA Exec. Director (PAtrick MArtins) as a contibuting editor, that will begin to change!

            Thanks for the tip.

          2. The article linked below is about a girl I went to highschool with. You also might want to look up Mike Zahs in Washington, Iowa, who is an Iowa (and Washington County) historian. And my favorite teacher ever.