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Jun 28, 2004 09:43 PM

KC's Lack of Fine Mexican

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Just returned from Chicago. I was amazed to find the number of "high-end" (for lack of a better term) Mexican restaurants. A search of the Chicago board lists a least three multi-starred Mexican establishments. The restaurant we chose had four moles combined with a selection of locally raised, organic meats (beef, pork, chicken & duck) A wonderful meal! From my perspective we're hard-pressed to find a decent burrito in KC, much less anything approaching the Chicago choices. How come? Is anybody doing anything out there that approaches this?

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  1. Have you tried Mi Cocina on the Plaza? Reasonable prices, classy atmosphere, good food. It's a chain, but a good one.


      1. If you can't find a decent burrito you're not looking in the right place. Get off of Southwest Blvd and on to Kansas Ave or Central. It ain't high end but...

        1. Try Ixtapa Mexican Cuisine, 7103 Nw Barry Road, KCMO. It is in the Plaza just to the west of I-29.

          1. El Patron on SW Blvd is pretty good, and definitely aiming for a more refined feel -- I've written about it on a couple of threads