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Jun 23, 2004 10:43 AM

Bratwurst In Dodgeville WI/ mail order bratwurst

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While on vacation I stopped at a cheese and sausage store right outside of Dodgeville WI - can't remember the name, but it began with an "S. " They carried a large variety of sausages and we bought some apple cinnamon bratwurst which we ate later on in our trip, so I couldn't go back for more. Does anyone know what the place is? Do they ship?

Or, does anyone know a good source for bratwurst? After 3 weeks in the mid-west, I'm addicted to the stuff, and here in central Florida, pickings are mighty slim.

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  1. You might also want to post a query for mail order brats on the General Topics board. That board is a font of information about mail order foodstuff.


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      torta basilica

      Usinger's does great mailorder brats & other German meat items. If you liked the apple, I think I've seen Johnsonville here in Calif w/ apple - you might check those out - they seem to export all over the country.

      1. This is a good little store in Cumberland WI and they ship. I've posted a link below.