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Jun 10, 2004 10:13 AM

Good eats in Springfield, IL?

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A family member recently relocated to the Springfield area and we will be visiting there periodically. I'd appreciate any suggestions for good eating and dining in the area. My wife and daughter will be along, so I need places that are kid-tolerant. Thank you!

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  1. Well, it depends on what you mean by good food. The home of the corn dog is Cozy Dogs on Rt 66 just south of the capital. it has incredible memorabilia lining the walls, and to a midwesterner, this is great food!

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      I knew the corn dog place was going to come up. No, I'm looking for something a bit nicer. Neighborhood restaurants or taverns, even some finer dining. Thanks for the input, though.

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        My must do in Springfield is Gallaghers Steak House at
        2242 S. 6th Street. They are reasonable, well prepared steaks piano bar at least a couple of nights a week, excellent service and damn good toonies.
        Another halfway decent place is Alexanders Steakhouse at 620 N your own steak and cook it. Fun place to grab a few cold ones, eat some grilled Texas toast while cooking the steak (or they will cook for ya). Another Italian fav is Saputos (downtown) at 801 E. Monroe. Great veal parm, good slads, and I haven't had anything mediocre there! My fav for horseshoes is the the pork tenderloin shoe at Red Coach Avenue at 301 North Grand West. Good B'fast at Jungle Jims Café 1923 North Peoria Road - Springfield
        Pretty good subs at Monty's Submarines Sandwiches 3124 Montvale Drive. More good subs at Bellacinos on S. 6th just N of Stevenson. Bon Appetit'

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          Thanks for the feedback! Has anyone been to Chesapeake Seafood House? Thoughts/reactions? Any other suggestions are welcome, too.

      2. re: 1K Diner

        So which exit do I take from I-55? To get to the corn dog place?

      3. Magic Kitchen, for Thai
        4112 Peoria Road (north side, near fairgrounds)

        Cafe Brio, kind of southwestern food?
        524 E Monroe (downtown)

        1. With kid-tolerance in mind, I would suggest:

          Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop, 118 North Pasfield. Opened in 1924, on the National Register of Historic Places. Some say it has the first drive-up window in the nation. If you haven't had a Maid-Rite, it's seasoned loose meat; nothing quite like it.

          Horseshoes are the signature food of Springfield: meat on toasted bread, covered with cheese sauce, covered with french fries. Horseshoes are to Springfield as poutine is to Quebec, and many restaurants make them. Some say Norb Andy's Tabarin is the best, but it's downtown, parking is tight, and it's a dark tavern-like atmosphere. I suggest the recently-reopened Red Coach, 301 North Grand Ave West. for more of a family atomsphere.