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Jun 8, 2004 01:31 PM

Where to eat in the Muskegon area?

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I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area....coming out to visit a friend who moved back to this area a few years ago. She tells me that there is NO GOOD ETHNIC FOOD OUT HERE. I can't believe that. She says that regular food is just "ok" at best. As a chowhound, I'm out to prove her wrong. Help us out, and provide those recommadations!! Best place for "anything" ethnic....good pub food....good steakhouse....good burgers....whatever. Please provide your favorites. Many thanks.

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    Sorry, but your friend is right. When I moved to Muskegon years ago, somebody asked me after a few months if I had found any good restaurants. I told them, "No, not yet."

    They said, "That is because there aren't any."

    Folks in Muskegon, tend to look for quantity, not quality.

    There are some okay places over in Grand Rapids, but Muskegon is a foodie wasteland.

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      Ohhhhhh....that is so sad. We are willing to travel. Can you suggest some places around the Grand Rapids area. How about Grand Haven, Holland and anyplace else that is in the general vicinity? Thanks.

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        OK, I'm on the list of people that criticize restaurants in West Michigan, because we need to raise the bar, and I'm no longer amused by cheerleader reviews in the Grand Rapids Press (which lately has, among other things, sent a vegetarian to review a place called "The Stack" that serves mostly meat!).

        That qualifier aside, I recommend Till Midnight in Holland (good dining experience, decent wine list); Bombay Cuisine on Lake in Grand Rapids (near Easttown -order the bhangan bhurta (sp?) very hot); and Wei Wei Palace, which is just off US 131 in Grand Rapids on Division, around 42d street (they have several fish tanks and cook it up fresh; there's a pretty good Chinese market - at least, by Grand Rapids standards - right next door).

        I have nothing to recommend in Muskegon, although I remember there was a post on this Board within the last month or so. Scroll downward, and good luck!

        1. re: G-Mo
          Holland Veghead

          Grand Haven has two spots I like--Morningstar has nice breakfast/lunches and we also like Deelite Bar & Grill, both on Washington (the main downtown street).

          I've seen Til Midnight mentioned in Holland, which is good. But there's also decent Italian (skip the rude service/bland food at Pereddies and head to Via Maria on 7th Street), terrific Mexican at Margarita's on 17th, and very good Japanese (believe it or not ) at Unkh's (which has a very nice atmosphere to boot) on Lakewood near SprawlMart .

          If you're willing to drive even further, our fav's in the Saugatuck/Douglas area are Blue Star Cafe (some Greek food/cute cafe--look for the giant ice cream cone sign), Everyday People Cafe and Chaps in downtown Douglas (the latter both have websites, I think.) By the way, all of the above have very good, if limited, vegetarian options.

    2. This is a pretty old post so maybe you have found more by now. I have tried quite a few in the Holland - Grand Haven Area. Check out this thread which lists some of them: Most aren't too far from Muskegon. Especially Thali in GH, that is an excellent place and it wouldn't be too far away at all.

      1. I live in Muskegon and, while I agree that "Folks in Muskegon tend to look for quantity, not quality", things have slowly been improving over the past few years. The Hearthstone has excellent soups and consistently good food and Baker College has a restaurant called "The Marquette Room" that is staffed by culinary students that produces some excellent food at a great value (limited hours). The Harris group has a couple new restaurants in town - Pints and Quarts and their "upscale" steak house called C.F. Prime that are quite good. I agree with the other posts that Morningstar and Dee Lite are great in Grand Haven (Morningstar is much better for breakfast than Dee Lite in my opinion). And Thali Bistro in Grand Haven is excellent also.